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Why We Love (& Listen to) Vinyl Records

By on July 2, 2015 in Articles

Why We Love (& Listen to) Vinyl Records




There are a lot of options these days for how to listen to music.  With so many to choose from, why are so many still being drawn to vinyl records?  We asked our friends, fans and anyone else we could find- and here’s what they had to say.


I listen to vinyl for the tingly feeling it gives me in my nipples.Dan McDermitt

It’s mostly esthetic purposes for me. I’d never say it sounds “better”, because nothing sounds better than digital. That’s just a technological fact. Although vinyl does sound cool. Man. David Finner

Tighter bass. I like the smooth crackle. And most of all, how it forces you to listen to a whole album. In an age of singles, YouTube, and playlists, to me it’s a big dealDuane D Duaneson

I like the fact that it’s more of a social experience. My library isn’t trapped in my phone, so my friends can come over and flip through the collection and enjoy the cover art while we listen.” Maria Piva



It’s an active experience. You get to shut off the world for a while and focus on a single record.Travis Sztainert

It makes listening to music an experience, not just throw away filler.Anthony Maguadog

It’s a great escape after any day out in the real world. come home, pick out something i haven’t listened to in a while, give a nice brush down, and spin away my troubles. And let’s face it, after getting used to buying vinyl, cd’s are just physical versions of mp3’sSteve Ruta

Because when you listen to Vinyl, music takes on the form of a woman and if its a good record, she touches you. You want music to touch you. smile emoticonCarlos Lemus

They make me happy, and they don’t talk backJeremy Ron


“I love being able to flip through my collection, and appreciate both the artwork and the history I have with a particular album.  Sharing music with a friend or partner, a bottle of wine and a turntable are some of my favorite memories. The sound and feel of the actual listening experience is also fantastic.” Beth McKinney

That’s how i was raised.Frater Dudello

Vinyl is experiencing music. You don’t put on vinyl while you jog or in the car. You put on a record to experience it, not to supplement another experience. Vinyl sounds better, but it also feels better.”  TJ Webb

Is it weird that I like hearing the pops and noise when you first start a record and between songs lol I can listen to mp3s all day but when I listen to records all night it feels like an event!”  Kenneth Roy

If I listened to them I would imagine it would be satisfying to put the needle down on the record and hear the music coming from an understood and physical medium. The interaction. Just like how I think it’s awesome to type out a letter on an old type writer.”  Zachary Mayhorn



You can’t hold, look at or admire an MP3.”   Tony Diaz

I love vinyl because it is expensive, inconvenient, inflexible, outdated, fickle, easily damaged, inconsistent and awkward. Playing and collecting vinyl takes *effort*. Good music is worth taking trouble over.”  Richard Rayner

It all comes down to the experience. For the true music lover, it’s the next best thing to a live performance. Maybe better, depending on who’s at the soundboard…”  مارون الخوري

Technically, the conversion from sine wave to digital wave to record electronically and then back from digital wave to sine wave for broadcast from the speakers are 2 unnecessary conversions for home listening. While CD’s are great for driving, they have converted out, the soul of the music, but when you are driving you are not primarily listening, you are driving and listening is secondary. At home you can sit and be enveloped by the music, listen to it, feel it, let it touch you and let it move you. That is why I listen to records over electronic recording methods. Also digging through record storage crates is fun.”  John Michaelides

It’s a middle finger to our stupid, tech-freak digital modern “society.” …people say that it’s a hipster thing to embrace, but the LP’s been around since June 21st, 1948, and it ain’t going nowhere.”  David Bottoms



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