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After all these years of musical device progression, it’s really no wonder that vinyl is still the best. Sounds better, looks better, feels better, everything about vinyl is magic! It may be in the way that sound waves are etched into grooves of polyvinyl chloride, or it may be the way those ol’ dusty records bring us back to a time of revolution, innovation and excitement for a new world, a world of music! Listening to vinyl is an almost irresistible experience, especially in the 21st century. Now, we have access to all the original albums of the past and the modern records that are made with new and novel vinyl plastics that allow for more creativity in the colors, texture and entire display of the record. And with the bonus of listening to new music of the times on an antiquated and nostalgic apparatus, what’s not to love?

Probably the most obvious reason for the preference of vinyl is the sound quality and durability of a record compared to other forms of storing and playing recorded music. Though, crip and undoubtedly convenient, an MP3 recording is impersonal. Since they never actually leave the computer, MP3s are, arguably, an intangible form of music collection. As many of us music fanatics can agree, the physical components of an album is just as important as the music, itself. The album cover, the artwork, the lyrics and the stories that come along with the songs, these are all crucial elements of collecting albums. These little extras aid in creating a magnificent experience for the music enthusiast. MP3 downloads, simply, by law of physics, cannot offer us this kind of familiarity.

CD quality is scarcely perfect, with scratches and bends almost always an inevitable fate for the CD, it makes retrieving sound from these little disks an impermanent privilege. Vinyl, though still sensitive and has an eventual inevitability of ware, is absolutely the most durable, long lasting and unique form of preserving music. Again, there is no wonder that vinyl accumulation has absolutely skyrocketed.

MP3s are likely to never die out so long as we live in an increasingly digital world, they are simply too convenient, though CDs may not share this same fate. They had their time to shine from the first CD debuted in 1982 to around 2009. In this time, vinyl creation and distribution took a severe hiatus, never going beyond 2 million in sales for about 15 years.

While 2009 was a sorry year for CDs, downloads and vinyl started taking clear precedence, thriving each year since. Vinyl, in particular, has been steadily increasing in sales. In 2013, 6 million records were sold. This year the sales have increased 49%, reaching a stellar 8 million. This outstanding feat breaks the record for most vinyl sold in one year. Oh, but don’t worry, no actual RECORDS were broken to come to this conclusion, only listened to and enjoyed, immensely.




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