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Vinyl Subscription Services: Everything you wanted to know

By on March 20, 2014 in Articles

So You Want A Vinyl Subscription

vinyl subscription servicesA vinyl subscription is a great new way to build a record collection with records you love that will potentially appreciate in value as well. There’s a lot to consider when considering a vinyl subscription. You’ll want to consider:

  • cost
  • quality
  • type of music
  • whether or not you can skip months or return/swap records
  • your goals as a record collector.

Even though it’s last on our list, your goal as a record collector is an important factor in choosing ¬†vinyl subscription services.

Feedbands is a popular vinyl subscription.

Feedbands streams music, listeners vote on artists, and each month presses an album to vinyl for the first time. These limited, exclusive first pressings then get sent to subscribers. A great feature is that their cost is $20/month, easily on the lower end of other competing services. They also have a simple way to skip any month, return any record for a refund, or swap any record for any other record in their archive. You can view their entire archive here.

For most record collectors, your money is well spent going to a local record shop any collecting your favorite music on vinyl. If you’re looking for a vinyl subscription service that will send you rare, collectible records while impacting the musical careers of independent artists at the same time, Feedbands is for you.

There are many other vinyl subscription services as well. Do your research and choose the one that’s right for you.

Vinyl Subscriptions  are exploding

Vinyl subscriptions are exploding and it’s easy to see why. They deliver unique, collectible and memorable listening experiences and provide a much needed antidote to the digital age. Enjoying a vinyl is more ritual than streaming tracks off spotify. You sit down with the record and listen to an entire album. You listen carefully, deeply. Chances are if you are a vinyl fan, you enjoy music to a greater degree than the average person.

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