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Vinyl Sales Shatter Last Year’s Record

By on January 6, 2015 in Articles


As the momentum with vinyl sales continues to only grow, the real question we’re all asking ourselves is whether or not vinyl will hit a critical mass and become a mainstream format, once again.

It is the opinion and observation of the Record Collector’s Guild that every 15 years or so, the music industry needs a new format to turn to. Music is such an emotional¬†aspect of our culture, and often being “cool” means doing something that not everyone is doing, and music is no different. Are ipods still cool? Not if everyone is doing it. Convenient, sure, but not cool.

Could we be seeing a hockey stick moment for vinyl?

It sounds ridiculous. Your mom and dad would laugh at you and call you crazy. But if you look at the chart, the jump between 2013 and 2014 was massive. If we see even larger jumps in the next few years, this growth could go exponential.

Vinyl could literally become the next ipod.

And why shouldn’t it? The sound quality is leaps and bounds above most digital. And the inconvenience of it, the physical presence of it, the tactile browsability of it, all make vinyl incredibly cool in a convenience-driven digital ethereal world.

What say you?


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