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Vinyl Record Storage

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Vinyl Record Storage

What are your options?



You’ve begun to collect vinyl- but now the question is… “Where am I going to put all of these?”  There are so many various options- and we’re going to share some of our favorites.  First- here are a few things to remember when you start organizing.

  • Do not stack your vinyl. Keep them upright to avoid warping, and make sure that they have a little wiggle room.   This will also avoid scuffing and scratching.
  • Do not leave your albums out all willy nilly. The jackets and sleeves are meant to protect them, like a cozy little home of their own.  When you do put them away, it’s best not to “drop” them into the jacket- just let them slide back in, like a warm bath for vinyl.
  • Be sure your shelves are sturdy, and can manage the weight of your collection- the last thing you want to find when you come home from a long day is a sad mess where your storage used to be.
  • Store your albums in a place where the temperature is constant and comfortable- you don’t want them to get too hot or too cold. Avoid keeping them in a location where they will be exposed to a lot of sunlight or moisture (the Library of Congress recommends to store your records at 46-50° F with 30-40% relative humidity).
  • Keep them in a clean environment- we all love our pets, and our messy partners… but if you can avoid having them in the same place as your beloved music, best to be safe.


Also to consider before you start tossing your records onto or into your new storage system, is how you want to organize them.  Alphabetically, by genre, by year… This is just going to be based on your personal taste, and will probably change and evolve as your collection grows.  Vinyl record storage is a great way to get some “me time”.


Living Cube

Living Cube is a nice option if you’re short on space- or just love simple, space saving design. They offer three different sizes- mini, living and urban.


Floating Vinyl Record Shelves


Previously available on Etsy- these could be recreated by contacting a local handyman in your area. As they say- store up, not out.


Simple and Clean


Neko Case proves that you can have an impressive record collection, and still have a stylish and comfortable home. While we don’t condone leaving your music scattered, we highly approve of keeping things light hearted and fun.


 For the Compact Collection


If you’re just starting out, or have more self control than we do- check thrift and vintage stores for these great old wire record racks. Ebay can also be a great tool for finding these if you have trouble at brick and mortar locations.


 Spoil Yourself


Symbol provides very nice storage consoles for those who are looking to spoil themselves a little bit. Each bin holds up to 120 LP’s, and offers a dual-pivot hinge- so that it can hold the weight of the records, even when full.

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