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Vinyl Record Pressing: What are your options?

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Vinyl Record Pressing: What are your options?


Without knowing people in the industry, or who have had experience doing such- it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re looking to get started on pressing your bands new album to vinyl.  We’ve done the research and have compiled a list that includes some factors to look for when making your dream a reality.


These guys will not only press your album to vinyl, but they are able to provide graphic design for the album artwork. Their vinyl pressings are available in both 7″ and 12″, at various weights (140-150 as well as 180).  These guys produce a large number of albums, so it’s best to get in touch with them as soon as possible- their recommendation being 2-3 months in advance.  Payments are easily made by either credit card or Paypal.  Once the vinyl pressing is completed, they offer to fulfill and ship your record to stores nationwide.  Gotta Groove offers color vinyl pressing options, however the availability is inconsistent.




Not only can you choose from black or color (choose from their color palette or custom), United can press your album into 7″, 10″ or 12″ records.  Their pricing setup is clear and easy to read, which leaves nothing to question- and they offer specials on their site as well, which seem to be updated fairly often (eg: currently they are offering “randomly mixed split color 12″ for the price of black vinyl”.)  Also available through the site are jackets, stickers, sleeves, inserts, digital downloads and etched pressings on any single sided albums.  For your buck, you can get quite a bang with this company.




7″ or 12″ vinyl record pressings are available with some upgrade options, as well as eco-friendly jackets- printed with vegetable-based inks and water-based biodegradable varnishes.  They give you the option of going even more earth friendly with 100% recycled jackets as well.  The quick quote feature they have on the main page is nice, letting you get an idea of what you could be facing financially without having to trudge too far into the site (specials are also clearly linked from the main page, though they are related to membership in specific organizations).  In addition to the typical sleeves, etc- Groovehouse also offers posters and postcards, to help promote your band and album.




While their site is a bit less interesting than the others’, it seems that the people at Musicol Records put their time into the production of your music rather than their online presence.  Forget about flashy web pages for a moment, and consider that this has the potential to lead to faster turnaround times and more attention to the music itself.  They produce albums with two manual, steam heated machines- resulting in a more “artisinal” vinyl record pressing. Less machine automated, and more human involvement.  They produce large or mall batches of 7″ or 12″-  in both black and color options (they also offer glow in the dark), and the option for jackets.


This site makes everything so easy, you’ll want to order vinyl all the time (with a low minimum of 100)- even when you don’t need it.  The main page offers you a 3 step process, where you choose either 7″ or 12″, and lists the prices very clearly. Also up for grabs are sleeves, jackets, inserts (free) digital downloads and metal stampers.  Specials are listed as well, but aren’t as easy to find as you’d hope…  but with a few clicks, it’ll make you relieved you put the effort in.  This is a very user friendly site that gives the impressions that they love what they do, and have fun while they do it.  If you’re looking for a bit of entertainment once you’ve got your order placed, they have a pretty nice blog with reviews and information dating back to 2011- and suggest a “song of the day”.  If your best friend called you to talk about pressing vinyl, this is what it would sound like.





NRP (don’t confuse it with NPR) is a great looking site that just feels good.  They offer color, clear and black vinyl pressings in 7″, 10″ & 12″, design, band merch, download cards and the whole shebang- but they have a unique offering which make them stand out from the crowd- flexi and lathe cut records & vinyl postcards. They are currently running a good number of specials, which can be found easily at the top of the main, or any other page (currently, these include lowered prices on flexi discs, postcards, new vinyl and more).



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