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Vinyl: 5 Awesome & Interesting Facts

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  • Vinyl recordings have been around longer than you think- they have been traced back to the early 19th century in France, as well as to a man named Emile Berliner * (D.O.B. May, 20, 18510). Emile invented the flat disc record in 1888, produced from vulcanized rubber between 12.5cm-18cm thick.  As time progressed, the format was improved- going through transformations in both recording methods as well as materials used (shellac/slate, adding/removing a horn, thickness, etc).   Perhaps we can all celebrate Emile this year by playing our favorite album on May 20th.

  *Another interesting tidbit about him: Thomas Edison filed for his patent for his transmitter on April 27, 1877; this was two weeks after Emile had filed a Notice of Invention.


  • A company based in Japan has come up with a turntable that will help you keep your vinyl in pristine condition.  They have three different versions, which use lasers vs needles- and only reads black vinyl. To get one of these in your hands, you’ll be shelling out at least $14,000  for the base model.  Hey- you can always take the bus, right?


  • Vinyl record sales have surpassed many’s expectations in 2014- after comparing the number from 1994-2014, sales have gone from roughly 1.5 million lp sales in the US up to 8.5 million.


  • Despite rumors, Urban Outfitters is not the number one vinyl album retailer.  According to Billboard, Amazon is the currently the leader in these sales with a 12.3% market share.  UO follows in second place, with a 8.1% market share. Independent retailers also have a generous number of sales, helping greatly in the overall numbers and keeping the market alive.


  •  The groove in a vinyl record starts at the outer edge of the disc and ends towards the center of the disk. When a record is played, the sound can be different on the outer edge than the inner edge.  (source)


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