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United Record Pressing, a review

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United Record Pressing

(Nashville, TN)


What is the minimum quantity of vinyl pressings that may be ordered through United Record Pressing?


What should one expect in turnaround time?

This is something we adjust based on orders in queue.  It’s currently 8 to 16 weeks but should go down when our second facility opens in the next few weeks.

What type of payments do you expect, and do you have any sort of payment plans? 

We accept cash, check or card (basically no paypal or bitcoin). New orders require a 75% deposit, reorders must be paid in full. Established customers in good standing can also apply for terms.

What extras do you offer customers?

 Our menu is quite long so I’m not sure how to best answer this.  We do 7”, 10”, 12”, standard weight, 180 gram, host downloads for customers, and offer turnkey solutions where we can handle all aspects of your order for you.

Does a larger order qualify for any discounts?

Every order has the economics of scale where certain things (lacquers, plating) are just getting divided by a larger number making the cost per unit less.  Other than that established customers get discounted rates based on their volume. Once you’re a high volume customer all of your orders get discounted regardless of size.


What makes your company stand out, and why should someone seeking this service choose you guys over the others?

We are a high quality option without the high end price and typically have the quickest turn times in the industry, which will soon be quicker with the opening of our second plant.  Aside from that we have things such as the only automated split color 12” press in existence and other innovations that set us apart. In addition to that we’re proud to still be manufacturing in the United States.



We sent the same questions to all of the record pressing companies on our list- and these are their answers.

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