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Trax and Wax Review: our overview of the dance music subscription service

By on April 12, 2014 in Articles

Trax and Wax Review: the ‘it’ service for DJ’s and dance music lovers

Looking for fresh, underground new dance beats? Our Trax and Wax review dives into the first subscription service to press sub-genres within electronic dance music to vinyl. Their service works with the most cutting edge distributors of dance music including Rush Hour, Clone, Syncrophone, and Word & Sound to select a personalized monthly box of 12″ records delivered to your door each month.


Trax and Wax features the niche electronic dance music genre you love. Their curation team of DJ’s, producers, and music lovers compile a monthly selection of brand new releases and reissues from the most forward thinking labels and DJ’s in dance music. You choose to receive two or four records from any of these categories:

1. Trax and Wax  (mix of house and deep house)Trax and Wax Review

2. Disco (disco and nu-disco)

3. Old School (classic sound of Chicago, NY, and Detroit)

4. Nu School (tech house and techno)

5. Techno (dub, techno, minimal)

6. DnbBox (dnb and jungle)

This offering appeals to vinyl fans and club DJ’s alike, bringing a modern twist to DJ pools. The Trax and Wax team plans to expand into even more genres to serve a larger audience. Also, you can check out a selection of their sounds on soundcloud.


For DJ’s and electronic dance lovers, there’s no better option than Trax and Wax. Yet, for the versatile record collector, a Trax and Wax subscription pigeon-holes your library. Even considering the diversity Trax and Wax provides within the electronic dance umbrella, the reality is … Trax and Wax can’t fulfill the basic need for a committed record collector to build an eclectic palette. If you are considering a vinyl subscription service in part to broaden your collection and music taste, we recommend a different service.

Feedbands: A Better Option?

Feedbands offers a variety of genres, including nods to dance music. With recent artists such as The Floozies, TheNEWDEAL, trax and wax reviewand BoomBox signing onto their Feedbands Artist Roster – electronic dance music lovers can still get their fix. The difference is that Feedbands isn’t confined to a single genre. Their only criteria is that the artists are independent.

Most interesting is Feedbands’ community-centric model. When you sign up for a $20/month subscription, you gain the ability to upvote, downvote, and comment on all of the streaming artists. Based on votes, Feedbands presses the most popular music to vinyl and pays the artists in cash and records. So, not only do you get to discover the best emerging indie-artists, but you also influence the trajectory of their career.



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