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Ten great record stores you don’t know yet

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We all know the great record stores in the country, and shop at them regularly.  Amoeba in California, Waterloo in Austin, Reckless in Chicago…  But what about the lesser known, the locations that have a following of loyal and reliable fans?  We’ve gathered some places that you may not have been to yet- but should definitely make sure to stop at on your next road trip.

  • Harvest Records, Asheville NC:  Harvest is a place that every city wants and needs.  They love music so much that they literally give it away by offering fun prizes (free tickets to a show anyone?), for things as easy as leaving a comment on their webpage. The employees are very hands on as well with their staff picks, and they regularly post on instagram.  In store events aren’t enough for them, so they began their own label in 2010, just so they could make sure that the artists and bands that they love are released. You’ve got to love their dedication. (Facebookabout01


  • Lost & Found Records, Knoxville TN: With their super, friendly staff and their expansive knowledge of a broad range of artists- L&F is doing it right.  Their loyal customers stick with them- some of them for more than 20 years! These guys are also loyal to their customers and their community- they hold charity events for the area (check their website or call for more specific information).  If you’re not happy with your current setup for listening to vinyl, make sure to stop by for that as well- they sell turntables and accessories. (Facebook) 11012049_10153171636508670_332379024571678723_o


  • End of An Ear, Austin TX:  This store evolved from another store across town some years back, and for the better.  The space has expanded to offer a larger selection of music, and has added an entire wing of the building dedicated to turntables, speakers and accessories. The staff clearly loves what they do and never seems stumped, regardless of what name or genre you toss at them.  They host in store events for musicians, as well as offering wall space to visual artists. Make sure to stop by after a trip to Barton Springs this summer. (Facebook)


  • Logan Hardware, Chicago IL: This place is awesome, as it combines our love for vinyl with our love for vintage video games & pinball machines.  These guys know how to have a good time, and with a purchase- you can gain access to their game room for nothing extra. In addition to vinyl; they sell turntables, toys, games, etc… what we’re going to refer to as their “extra fun stock”.  (Equally as awesome is Coffee & Vinyl -in Belgium,look for V2 of this list, the international version.)(Facebook)logan-records


  • Vinyl Renaissance & Audio, Kansas City MO: Wow. Seriously. This place should be a destination point for vinyl lovers across the country.  Not only do they have a huge selection of albums, but they can also make sure that you’re good to go on your equipment to listen to said albums. They have three locations in all, in both Kansas and Missouri- so be sure to experience it if you’re nearby. (Facebook)134065_486012084771717_1247324134_o
  •  Peoples Records, Detroit MI: This city knows music- whether it’s motown, jazz, blues or what have you… they’re good at it.  If you want to get a real feel for a store that appreciates great music, make a stop here and chat up the clerk for suggestions.  For a step back in time, make it a point to stop by and see what it’s all about.  (Soundcloud)o


  • Strictly Discs, Madison WI: “Step into the basement” isn’t something you’d usually get excited about- but good grief, you will be when you go into this one.  There’s music just waiting for you down there, and if for some reason you can’t find what you’re looking for, these guys are willing to special order it for you ASAP.  If you need more reason to head there, keep in mind that they offer a buy 12 get one free deal.  (Facebook)


  • Bent Crayon, Cleveland OH: Cleveland doesn’t generally doesn’t bring the word “awesome” to many peoples’ minds… but now the city has an eerie glow right near the lake (bada bang!).  If you like an owner who knows his music- and I know you do- stop in and speak to John or any of the friendly folk he employs. (Facebook)


  •  Cabin Floor Records, Greenville SC: Down south, there’s a place tucked away in South Carolina where you can find some great music, sold by a great man- Joe.  There’s nothing like walking into a charming little store and walking out with a weeks worth of hard to find entertainment. (Facebook)0
  • Armageddon Shop, Providence RI: When Providence needed a good record store, these guys decided to put in the time and effort to make that happen.  They made sure to find albums that everyone would want, and pulled them all together into a wonderful cohesive store- that you should go to.  The owners are making it their mission to help you find what you need- if you leave them a short “want list” they’ll let you know if one of those items comes in.  (Facebook)



Our fan recommendations (aka places we have added to our own staff road trip):

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