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Starlight City Moans by The Sweep on Vinyl

By on January 6, 2014 in Record Reviews

This next album from Feedbands, December 2013’s Starlight City Moans by The Sweep, reminds me of a previous release from Irish band The Parlez. In both cases, the music is relatively mellow, with a guitar-driven 90s-2000s vibe. And in both cases, I’m not quite sold, especially on the vocals.


IMG_0436What’s interesting about the format of this album is that I think the strongest tracks are sort of hidden. My personal favorites don’t come around until almost the end of the A side. The B side is very 90s, and in that sense, it’s cohesive. I say cohesive because, while Starlight City Moans is not the first album from the Sweep, it was released three years after their last, so it, like many debut albums contains a range of songs because they were likely written over a longer period of time.

IMG_0433In this case, tracks like “Officer Miller” and “Disco Guilt” are definitely alternative rock. “Starlight City Moans” and “Damned” have got some poppy synth stuff going on. “Cold Waves” and “Down Came the Wire” have an electro-indie vibe to them. The music in “Servant” sounds like something that I’d expect to come from a female artist along the lines of Paula Cole or Sarah McLaughlin, though I have no idea why I think that. Still, I think one of the most powerful songs is at the very end, “Start Over Now.” Another favorite (which reminds me of a song that I can’t quite put my finger on), “Battleships,” is in the latter half of Side A, but it’d be easy to miss it if you just had the album on in the background.


Personally, I think it’s an enjoyable album, though I think the Sweep might be one of those bands where you really like a couple of their songs but the rest sound so different that they could easily be a totally different group. That might just be me, though; from reading the comments on Feedbands’s blog, there are people who absolutely love the album. Regardless, it’s an eclectic mix that is lyrically very impressive.


This album is available in 180g Bowling Ball Blue (shown here) and black standard weight the Feedbands store.

Find out more about the Sweep on their website and Facebook page.

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