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Standard Vinyl, a review

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Standard Vinyl

(Ottawa, Ontario)


What is the minimum quantity of vinyl pressings that may be ordered through Gottagroove Records?

Minimum quantity is 100

What should one expect in turnaround time?

Turnaround Time Update: *It’s important to note turnaround times on all vinyl orders are 3-5 weeks to receive test presses and AFTER test presses are approved it’s an additional 24-26 weeks to complete your order. (27-31 weeks Total) 
Because of these major delays facing all manufacturing plants, we have partnered with a private manufacturer to be able to offer our clients expedite processing. Expedite Processing comes at an additional fee on top of the combo prices. Turnaround time for Expedite orders is 3-5 weeks for test presses and 10-12 weeks AFTER tests presses are approved. If you have a deadline for your order please let me know and we can discuss the costs for expediting your order. Again this is an optional fee and is an additional cost on top of your combo price. (13-17 weeks Total)

What type of payments do you expect, and do you have any sort of payment plans? 


What extras do you offer customers?

We have many extras, depends on what you are looking for. 

Does a larger order qualify for any discounts?

Discounts: There are no discounts but orders over 300 are eligible for colored vinyl upgrades. 


What makes your company stand out, and why should someone seeking this service choose you guys over the others?

 Our Company: best customer service. easy to understand website. honest.


We sent the same questions to all of the record pressing companies on our list- and these are their answers.

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