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Mammoth Indigo by Mammoth Indigo: Vinyl Record Review

By on June 10, 2014 in Record Reviews

I might need to get another copy of this record because I’m pretty sure I’m going to wear down the grooves on this one way too quickly. I am in love. This self-titled album from a group called Mammoth Indigo is definitely a new favorite. They have elements that remind me of a lot of my favorite bands, and while I know that won’t be the case for everyone, I think that any close listener will see the values and virtues in this album.


The overall sound is post-rock: bass-heavy and drum-heavy, much more minor than major, with really gorgeous electric guitar riffs, a good balance of smooth melody and headbanging (though more of the former than the latter), and complex vocals. It’s also ambient, a bit electro-pop, indie overall.

IMG_0501The lyrics are pure poetry as well. A few favorites: “You are a radio station/catching signals from a source up in the sky/Your brain is information, your antennae, yeah/Your mind is such a god-made satellite,” (from “God-Made Satellite”.) “I guess that I was five at the time I last saw your face./ All I know is what I am told and what I replay on our home videotapes” (from “Videotapes”.) “Birds fly by, their eyes are telescopes/ Do they watch the way that god does?” (from “Winter”.) And basically all of “Rapture.”

Still, I think my favorite part of this whole album (hard to choose, admittedly) is the bridge at the end of “No Mothers,” a personal favorite track in general. It exemplifies Mammoth Indigo’s ingenuity and musicianship via their ability to A) change genres mid-song, B) use that genre shift effectively to make an emotional impact, and C) use that genre shift as a way to work in intense drum patterns, powerful vocal chants, and face-melting guitar riffs, all of which feel appropriate for the mood of the song but would not have fit the composition otherwise. In short: they make it work.

In some ways, this album reminds me of an earlier Feedbands release from a band called Amycanbe. In both cases, the band is highly skilled and adaptable, their music is post-rock/indie with electronic ambient influences, and their lyrics are just fantastic. Also, I just noticed in examining the packaging of this newest record, both albums have a black and white theme going on. In the case of Amycanbe, it was black art on a white IMG_0495background and a black and clear swirled vinyl fittingly called “Smoke”; in the case of Mammoth Indigo, it’s white art on a black background and a solid white vinyl fittingly called “Bone.” Both make the intended impact. This record also comes in a new sleeve. Previous Feedbands records came in a paper sleeve with rounded edges. This one has a more heavy-duty plastic sleeve.


IMG_0492Mammoth Indigo’s self-titled album is available on the Feedbands store in 180g Bone (shown here) and standard weight black.

Keep an eye on Mammoth Indigo via their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

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