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Light Up Your Lantern by Lynx on Vinyl

By on February 8, 2014 in Record Reviews

IMG_0451Light up Your Lantern by Lynx, is quite impressive. The songwriting is complex, the instrumentation is varied, the production value is high—this is quality stuff. Lynx’s overall sound is aptly self-described as “folktronica.” Indeed, with its banjos and violins supporting New Age lyrics, it’s quite folky. On the other hand, there are also synth elements similar to Massive Attack or Portishead that are definitely not folk.

IMG_0445I think the track listing does a good job of mixing up the songs that are more folk and those that are more electronica. In listening to the record, you never get stuck in a stretch that’s all mandolin and nature themes or all beats machines and CGM (that’s “computer-generated music.”) Lynx is clearly a very creative musician, and her songs have an intricacy that I really like.

Still, far and away my favorite is the title track. It’s an epic sea-faring tune that utilizes fiddle, mandolin, and snare drum to create a Celtic-inspired piece that I can’t help but associate with the theme songs from the Boondock Saints and Pirate of the Caribbean. It’s very easy to get lost in, but I encourage listeners to pay attention and really pick out all the different things going on, because it’s a lot.

IMG_0447The vinyl record itself is actually rather simple-looking compared to the music it holds. Feedbands calls it “Gypsy Gold” (which may be a nod to Lynx’s wandering folk music or to GypsyPop records, which apparently first released the album); I’d say it’s more orange. But it sounds amazing, and that’s the important thing. I think the vinyl medium allows you to hear all the different components in ways that a digital rendering might not make as obvious. Speaking of which, a word to those who download the digital album using the included Dropcard and listen to it via Spotify: I’m pretty sure the Lynx artist page that Spotify directs you to is really about twelve or so different artists going by the name “Lynx”—and example of why single-word, common noun band names might not be the best choice.


Light up Your Lanterns by Lynx is available in the Feedbands store in 180g Gypsy Gold (shown here) and standard weight black.

Learn more about Lynx on her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

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