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Former Webmaster
Jeff Bender - Webmaster Jeff Bender - (vinylunderground) - Born in Washington, D.C on December 16, 1950. Jeff’s education centers in the metropolitan Washington area and includes Montgomery College in Maryland. He served in the United States Armed Forces between the years of 1969 to 1975 and 1983 to 1988 (active duty and reserves) and possesses a strong background in electronics and carried a certification in the field.

Beginning in the mid-70’s Jeff began working as a clerk in Bialeks Discount Records and Books in North Bethesda, Maryland. He advanced to the position of record manager before landing a position with Kemp Mill Records as a Manager at their Kemp Mill, Laurel Mill and Gaithersburg Square stores.

Also during this time, Jeff began as an “on air” personality with WGTB-FM spinning discs in a hard rock/heavy metal format. The “gig” lasted for a couple of years.

In the mid 90’s Jeff became interested in computers and in the Internet. In 1997, after learning “Hypertext Markup Language”, he began designing music and related websites. Following the creation of numerous sites, he launched what was to become the Vinyl Underground.

The Vinyl Underground is a gallery of picture discs and colored vinyl records. All the discs displayed, is just a sample of Jeff’s personal collection.

Also during this time, while working in the role of electronic and physical security for a government medical research facility in the Washington, D.C. area, Jeff formed the Record Collectors Guild.

The Record Collectors Guild was created as a resource and organization for international record collectors. Jeff, as the Guild’s Webmaster, was involved in its day-to-day operation until the RCG was acquired by Feedbands in April of 2014. Now, Jeff can be found riding his mountain bike along the C&O Canal in Maryland and paddling his kayaks down the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers in West Virginia. If the right conditions exist, it is possible for Jeff to resurface sometime down the road.


annaloog - Nashville, TN

dkurtis - Born: 9/24/56 in Kansas City, Kansas
Profession: Exploration Geologist Offshore Gulf of Mexico
Residence: Austin, TX 1970-78 - Houston, TX 1978-82 - Dallas, TX 1982-06
Education: Texas A&M University 1974-78 with BS in Geology
Record Collecting: 1982-2006

As a young teenager in the 60’s in a moderate income family, my only source of music was AM radio and what records I could borrow from my friend’s older brother. My high school and college years found me even more record and equipment poor with the exposure to new music limited to a friend’s dorm room.

By 1976 I had committed most of my listening time to the new on the scene Jesus music. As a young Christian, I disposed of my beat up secular rock records in favor of my new found conviction.

In 1982 I began questioning the place of secular music and record collecting in my life and resolved that a discerning music taste and Christianity could co-exist. I now had to rediscover the music my low income and college years had stolen from me – all the while glad to have missed the disco era. On an afternoon in 1982 I entered a co-workers office only to hear the big band music of your life in glorious AM clarity. It struck me that my music would be banished to mono AM radio – if at all, classic rock would climb the years and cds would replace records. Twenty four years and 12,000 records later has proven my foresight and clarified my hindsight. I was told by a dealer once that I should buy what I like because I may eat it and condition, condition, condition. Good advice. I have found that if record collecting is one thing - it is diverse.

There is room for every person, every taste, every conviction and every income. This site welcomes every record collector from every country – welcome to the family.

Kathy - ModeratorKathy - (kat1370) Lives in North Central Ohio about 30 miles west of the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.

Born in 1970, Kathy is a Domestic Engineer and a Vinyl Addict. She has been married since 2001 and has 2 daughters, 15 and 7.

Kathy enjoys "Classic Rock" and possesses a collection of about 3,000 LP's and 100 45rpms.

She has been a member of the Guild since July 8, 2005 and someday hopes to acquire the complete works of the Beatles and Pink Floyd.

Graeme Jaye - Moderator Graeme Jaye - (Graeme) - Unlike most people here, I'm not primarily a collector - although I do have a fair-sized collection of records, tapes and CD's.

I was apprenticed as an Instrument Maker and moved into electronics (which had always been a hobby of mine) after finishing my apprenticeship. A couple of friends wanted to build a recording studio and asked me to help them out and that was the start of my involvement with professional audio.

Since then, I have been working in and around the audio business for some 40 years and it?s far too long a tale for here. Suffice to say, I started out as a part-time technician/engineer in a four-track studio and by the early ?80?s I was freelancing in Nashville. I've worked as technician, engineer, producer, studio designer and a host of other related jobs on the way.

When I returned to the UK I got a job as a film dubbing mixer. A few years later, the company decided they wanted to pull out of that side of their business, so I bought all their equipment, found suitable premises, formed a company and set up my own dubbing and film editing suite.

That was a time of huge technological advances and it was hard to see which technology would finally become the standard so, rather than take a potentially expensive long odds bet (one, in retrospect, I would have lost) I closed down the company and sought work in the AV (audio visual) industry. With my background in both sound and film, I was ideally qualified for this and I ended up as Technical Manager for a couple of major AV shows, in London and on the South Coast.

I moved to Spain in 1998, bringing with me my personal collection of records and studio master tapes. I had intended to transfer these to CD before I left the UK to save space, but time was not on my side. Instead, I started doing this work once I had settled in here. Susana (my wife) asked me if I could do the same thing for other people? Quite honestly, the thought had never occurred to me, but it seemed like a good idea and I needed something to keep me occupied. We put together a little demonstration system to show what could be done and started going to record shows ? the business just built from there.

We were very heavily involved with the repair of CD?s for a while. In 1989, we were the company that introduced the concept of CD repair into Spain. We pretty much saturated the Spanish market and this process has now become commonplace. However, our core business has always been the restoration work and we relinquished our CD repair interests at the end of last year in favour of that.

For relaxation, I write the odd bit of music and play guitar with a couple of local bands.

Shannon Mims - (Jackcapture) - grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, with music constantly ringing in his head. Mom, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother were church pianists, and Dad and Uncle were always playing records. His first record, a Viscounts 45, was given to him about age 5 by Mom, along with an old RCA on which to play it. Drag Race sounds even better today than it did then!

“Jack” studied (French) Horn from age 9, eventually receiving a BA in Horn Performance. Along the way, he picked up other instruments as well, and continues to play them in his Rock/Pop band Matador Red.

For Jack, buying records and junk shopping/treasure hunting have always been second nature, so the two go hand in hand. With a record collection now numbering over 10,000, wife Amy is worried the floor in his music room will soon collapse. He collects and listens to nearly all genres and time periods and will listen to anything at least once.

As soon as he got Internet access at home in 2000, he immediately began searching for record collectors. After a couple of false starts, he found the Guild and has been a nearly daily participant ever since.

He is now working on the next generation of collectors, as young daughter Andrea loves to hang out in the music room, listening to records and enjoying the cover art and details.

Mikey - Australia

Dave Rose-ModeratorDave Rose - (CactusCowboy) - Born March 2, 1957 in Fort Huachuaca, Arizona. As a child, he started listening to childrens records on a 78 rpm player while his parents listened to a wide range of Classical music on the Hi Fi. Exposure to AM radio sparked an interest in Motown and British Invasion Rock. A favorite Aunt brought Dave two records for Christmas in the mid 60s: The Beatles - Revolver, and The Rolling Stones - Between The Buttons. That gift sparked a life long interest in record collecting.

Dave currently resides in Powell, Wyoming with his wife Cindy. He owns and operates Audio Tech Transfer, transferring records and tapes to CDs for a wide range of clients. Dave's other interests include photography, landscaping, exploring Wyoming's backcountry and spending time with family.

Neal Umphred - (nealumphred) - Neal is the author of "A Touch Of Gold: The Elvis Presley Record & Memorabilia Price Guide" and "Good Rockin' Tonight: A Discography & Price Guide To Rhythm 'n Blues Records Of The 50s" (both White Dragon Press), "Goldmine's Price Guide To Collectible Record Albums," "Goldmine's Price Guide To Collectible Jazz Albums," and "Goldmine's Rock 'n Roll 45 RPM Record Price Guide" (all from Krause Publications)., Copyright © 2006 All Media Guide

Peter - (prancinghorse) - Born on November 8, 1964 in Germany. Everyone who knows him, can confirm that he is a “real” scorpio, bold and hard to convince. On the other hand, totally dedicated.

From his professional experience he has spent almost his entire life as a professional working as a consultant mainly being active in the areas of logistics and manufacturing (shop floor control) with focus on the process and automotive industry.

His client / customer assignments lead him to four of the five continents (Africa is still on the list to visit once) with having worked in 46 different countries as of November 2006.

He lived in the USA for more then two years (and fell heavily in love with North Carolina during that time) and had longer assignments in Australia (Melbourne is another place where he could retire), Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Japan and most of the European countries.

His music obsession started way back in 1970 when he participated in a bicycle competition run by a big department store – he made it for first place and the price was a denim jacket and a LP, “Hits of 1970”.

This record was played to death on his parent’s stereo and from that day on, he bought LPs as pocket money would allow. That collection grew into more then 5500 LPs with three focus areas:
- The Rolling Stones with more then 1000 discs (“It’s only Rock and Roll but I like it”)
- Bootlegs (one of the most fascinating areas of collecting, 800+ discs)
- Krautrock (maybe the most creative music style ever, 500+ discs)
(“The unmentionable disks are only good for skeet shooting” *).

Besides vinyl, Peter has two very large interests:
1. His family (wife and two children)
2. Cars – his co-workers continue to make jokes about his “1011 horsepower garage”.

* The unmentionable = JL = James Last



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