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Promotional. Can also be designated as DJ, Disc jockey, Audition, Not for sale, Preview copy, Demo, Demonstration copy. These were records that the labels are usually a different color than the regular issue and have these designations to show that these records were free or at a reduced price to DJs, radio stations, record reviewers and the like and that they cannot be returned for credit. These designations are part of the label from the factory or pressing plant. Most promos are of the white label variety. But some companies had different colors. For example (and these are for 45s only): Atlantic-White Coral-Blue & Yellow Decca Pink and for a short time green Brunswick-Yellow Capitol-Yellow in the early 50s and then white in the mid to late 50s Capitol-blueish green in the mid 60s. They also had red label promos for a short period in the very late 50s and very early 60s.'

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