......A.K.A. John Lee Hooker

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......A.K.A. John Lee Hooker

Post by scotapell » Sun Dec 04, 2005 5:50 pm

I wanted to contribute something to this forum but seeing as Hooker’s entire discography would be several pages I decided I would post a discography of the various aliases he used early in his career. Hopefully if other collectors stumble across any of these thumbing through the bins at the local goodwill they would recognize it as something more than “another worthless 78”

Most of this information comes from Les Fancourt’s discography, “Boogie Chillun-A guide to John Lee Hooker on Disc” published by Blues and Rhythm in 1992. (The mistakes are mine :wink: )

Acorn 308-Do the Boogie/Morning Blues, 1949-The Boogie Man 78

Chance-1108 Miss Lorraine/Talkin’ Boogie, 1951-John Lee Booker 78
Chance-1110 Graveyard Blues/Love to Boogie, 1952-John Lee Booker 78
Chance-1122 609 Boogie/Road Trouble, 1952-John Lee Booker 78/45
While all three chance releases are listed in Goldmine as being released in both 78 and 45 it seems unlikely that 1108 or 1110 were. There are less than 8 copies of 1122 78 known to exist and the 45 was issued in Red wax as well as black.

Chess-1462 Mad Man Blues/Boogie Now, 1951-John Lee Booker 78
Chess-1467 Ramblin’ By Myself/Leave My Wife Alone, 1951-John Lee Booker 78
Chess-1482 Ground Hog Blues/Louise, 1951-John Lee Booker 78
All of Hooker’s 1400 series releases bore the Booker alias. By 1952 and the 1500 series whatever dispute Chess had with Modern had apparently been settled in future issues would bear Hooker’s own name.

Danceland-403 Wayne Country Ramblin’ Blues/Grievin’ Blues, 1949-Little Pork Chops 78
Only two copies of this record are known to exist.

Deluxe-6004 Blue Monday/Lovin’ Guitar Man, 1953-John Lee Booker 78/45
Deluxe-6009 I Came to See You Baby/I’m A Boogie Man, 1953-John Lee Booker 78/45
Deluxe-6032 Stuttering Blues/Pouring Down Rain 1954-John Lee Booker 78/45
Deluxe-6046 My Baby Don’t Love Me/ Real, Real Gone 1954, John Lee Booker 78/45
Deluxe, originally based in New Jersey would ultimately be puchased by Syd Nathan of the King label who would move operations to Cincinnati.

Gone-60/61 Mad Man Blues/Boogie Now, 1951-John Lee Booker 78
Released by Joe Von Battle, the Detroit producer who would record the bulk of these alias recordings. Bernie Besman was the man responsible for most of Hooker’s “legitimate” work for the Modern label.

Gotham-506 Wandering Blues/House Rent Boogie 1950-Johnny Williams 78
Gotham-509 Questionnaire Blues/Real Gone Gal 1952- Johnny Williams 78
Gotham-513 Little Boy Blue/My Daddy Was A Jockey 1952- Johnny Williams 78
Gotham-515 Mean Old Train/Catfish 1952- John Lee 78
The dates for the Gotham releases are suspect as other issues in the 500 series have dates pre and postdating these releases.

King-4283 Black Man Blues/Stomp Boogie, 1949-Texas Slim 78
King-4315 The Numbers/Devil’s Jump, 1949-Texas Slim 78
King-4323 Night Mare Blues/I’m Gonna Kill That Woman, 1949-Texas Slim 78
King-4329 Heart Trouble Blues/Slim’s Stomp, 1950-Texas Slim 78
King-4334 Wandering Blues/Don’t Go Baby, 1950-Texas Slim 78
King-4366 Don’t You Remember Me/Late Last Night, 1950-Texas Slim 78
King-4377 Moaning Blues/Thinking Blues. 1950-Texas Slim 78
King-4504 Moaning Blues/Stomp Boogie, 1952- John Lee Cooker 78/45
Most of these sides were finally released under Hooker’s own name on the King LP 727, John Lee Hooker Sings Blues.

Prize-704 Miss Rosie Mae/Highway Blues, 1949-Johnny Williams 78

Regent-1001 Goin’ Mad Blues/Helpless Blues, 1949-Delta John 78

Rockin’-524 Blue Monday/Lovin’ Guitar Man, 1953-John Lee Booker 78/45
Rockin’-525 Stuttering Blues/Pourin’ Down Rain, 1953-John Lee Booker 78/45

Savoy-5558 Low Down Midnite Boogie/Landing Blues-Birmingham Sam and His Magic Guitar 78

Staff-710 Wandering Blues/House Rent Boogie, 1950-Johnny Williams 78
Staff-711 Sunnyland/Bull Headed Woman, 1950-Johnny Williams 78*
Staff-718 Prison Bound/Bumble Bee Blues, 1952-Johnny Williams 78
*Staff 711 currently is mentioned in any discography however recently Blues researcher and historian, Dave Sax has found evidence of a master being cut and seems certain that the record will turn up. (The exact titles, date and name it would have been released under are unknown at this time.)

Swingtime- 266 Prison Bound/Bumble Bee Blues, 1952-Johnny Williams 78
May 12, 2006
Thought I'd update this with some pics as I actually have a few of these releases.

The first is Regent 1001, Chance 1108 then Gotham 506 and 509
The second is King 4366 & 4283, Staff 718 and Rockin' 525.
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Post by nealumphred » Tue Dec 06, 2005 2:52 am


Thanks! Any and all discographies are welcome. I haven't really thought this through, but, for the serious collector -someone actively involved in buying/selling rare records and is thus familiar with current market values, I would like to see somekind of marking that indicates that a particular record in the discoraphy is REALLY rare, if only as part of that discogrpahy.


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Post by scotapell » Tue Dec 06, 2005 12:44 pm

Thanks Neal.

I posted this half hoping someday someone may stumble across one of these and hopefully come across this post. Up until a few months ago I knew of only one known copy of the Danceland release until another collector contacted me with a story of how he had "stumbled across" a copy on the internet.

The Gone release seems to be another that's hard to come by. I'd heard a certain blues 78 collector needed it to complete his collection and was having a hard time tracking one down. Oddly enough I'd had a copy of this in my hands about two years ago. It was a bit rough but for $25 I'm still kicking myself for not snatching it up. Live and learn.
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