Huron Records 45 Labelography

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Huron Records 45 Labelography

Post by rooster » Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:53 pm

Huron Records 45 Labelography

The Huron Label Was Based in Dayton, Ohio. It was owned by Radio DJ Bob Holiday (of WING), Mal Wilson (father Of One of the artists) and Everett Hopkins (local business man).

22000 Wishin’ On A Rainbow/Just Me; 1961
Phill Wilson

22001 White Feather/Echo Express; 1961
The Bounty Hunters

22002 Path Finder/A Dream Come True; 1961
Teddy & The Rough Riders

22003 Greenback Dollar/Train Ride To Nashville; 1961
The Sayre Brothers

22004 Mystery of Love/Teen-age War Chant; 1961
Sonny Flaharty

22005 The Stomp/Golden Idol; 1961
Terry Redman
(Although uncredited the backing band is "Teddy And The Rough Riders", and the female vocal group is The Fraternity Label's "Gigi and The Charmaines"on both sides)

22006 A Dream Come True/Game of Love; 1961
Phill Wilson
(uncredited backing band is "Keetie & The Kats". 22006 and 22007 were recorded at the same session.)

22007 Way Out/Crossties; 1961
Keetie and The Kats

22008 Money & Gold (Part 1)/Money & Gold (Part 2); 1962
Teddy And The Rough Riders

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