Quality Records 45 RPM label variations

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Quality Records 45 RPM label variations

Post by oldbillclarke » Sat Aug 29, 2009 2:35 pm

Quality was probably the biggest Canadian record manufacturing company during the 45 era. In the early days, from 1950 until well into the 1960's, and in some cases later,
small and medium sized American record companies did not issue their records
in Canada. Instead they would license their recorded products to Canadian
companies who would then issue them on a Canadian label. Quality was one
of these companies. In the early 1950's they had two numbering systems. The
K4000 series issued strictly records from the King Record company and their
subsidiary labels Federal and Deluxe. These releases were mostly Country/Western
or Rhythm And Blues styles. The K4000 series ended in 1956. The other series was
the K1000 series which issued U.S. labels such as Atlantic, Sun, Chess, Imperial and
Dot. This series ended in 1960 and was replaced by the 1000X series which continued
into the 1970's and beyond. Please note: Some of the last K1000 45's (from roughly
numbers 1964 to 1999) dropped the "K" prefix and added an "X" suffix. This might
not be an important point except that by 1970 the 1000X series had reached the 1960X
mark and approximately thirty five 45's on the Quality label were issued with identical
numbers, although they were about a decade apart. By the late 1960's and into the
1970's, medium sized U.S. companies began to issue their own records in Canada
and small record companies were disappearing quickly. In those years Quality 45's
were generally by domestic artists. In all, a total of over 1800 45's were issued on the
Quality label. This account only covers the Quality "label". They had two subsidiary
labels, Reo (over 1000 titles between 1955-1971) and Barry (over 500 titles between
1960-1971), in addition. Quality also manufactured records for Mercury (1953-1965),
MGM (1950-1972), Atlantic and Atco (1966-1969), Scepter and Wand (1965-1968),
Stax (1966-1970), Bell (1966-1974), Vee Jay (1961, 1964-1966), Philips and Fontana
(1962-1965), Laurie (1962-circa 1973),Chess , Checker and Argo (1961-1964), Dot (1957-1975), Tamla, Motown and Gordy (1979-1986) and many others that I just can’t think of offhand. They literally produced thousands of titles for the Canadian market.

1950-1965: Cream label with red top, cream logo, red type with minor variations:
1950-1958: A needle or hat pin in the "Q" of the logo.
1958-1965: No needle in the "Q" in the logo.

1965-1970: White label with red top, white logo, red type with vaiations:
1965-1967: No square around "Q" in logo. (1965-1967) Last known is 1863X.
1967-1970: White square around the "Q" in the logo.
In spring '68 the entire logo became noticeably smaller.

1969: Green label, black logo & type. "Green light release" as Quality called
it. (Eg. "Roll With It" by Southbound Freeway-Quality 1937X.) This didn't last very long
perhaps no more than a month or two then then went back to their regular red and white

1970-1972: Label covered in screened pink "Q's", black logo & type.

1972-1975: White label, screened pink "Q's" at the top only, black type.

1975-1981: Black label, white logo & type.

1981-1982: Grey graduated screen label, white logo, black type.

1980’s: Quality had few “hit” 45’s after 1982 and most of the rest of this is fairly haphazard. Any corrections would be appreciated.

circa 1982: Cream label, brown top, brown type.
Some of this style had brown horizontal lines below the brown top.

circa 1984: Black label, red and white logo, grey type.

circa late 1950's to early 1960's: Maroon label, silver top, maroon logo & silver type.
This was the French language F-200 series.Also some of these labels
may be red, not maroon.

circa 1961-1980’s: Gold label with black logo & type. This was Quality's reissue label. Quality had a massive re-issue series called “Golden Treasures On Wax”.

S: Quality Special Products. White label, black logo & type. (latter 1980's into the 1990’s)

T: Yellow label, black logo & text. (mid 1990's)

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Post by whirlingdisc » Sat Aug 29, 2009 5:31 pm

An excellent summation!
At one point, I was reasonably close to completing a collection of all Quality releases in Canada. In the interim, though, I have gotten rid of many of them and kept only those I like for the music.
Thanks for posting this info!
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Post by DaveyTheWaxMan » Sat Aug 29, 2009 10:19 pm

NICE run-down of these issues--STRONG WORK
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Post by StephenMacLeod » Sat Aug 29, 2009 10:50 pm

Ian very informative work,nice read.

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