ask any question you have regarding rap music here

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Re: ask any question you have regarding rap music here

Post by barbiedollspimp » Tue Aug 23, 2011 7:31 pm

CactusCowboy wrote:
barbiedollspimp wrote:
CactusCowboy wrote:
barbiedollspimp wrote:rap and country music are both consistently victim to ignorance. people don't know enough about the genres, yet aren't interested enough to learn the truth. also, i've noticed that some people here have rap records mainly because they collect records. i've listened to rap music since 1986 (i was 6). i still have my run-dmc raising hell cassette. i consider myself something of an amateur hip hop historian. so, ask the questions you've (kinda) wondered, but never had an easy way to get an answer.

think sampling is just using a loop? think rap music is just samples and drum machines? ask about sampling or instrumentation in rap music here.

want to know what are the essential rap albums? by year? decade? region?

interested in clean, positive songs only? political songs? ask here.
I've only got a small number of Rap LPs in my collection, but I like what I have. I particularly like some of the late '80s stuff that has extensive sampling, e.g. Beastie Boys "Paul's Boutique" and Public Enemy's "Fear Of A Black Planet."

I'm interested in your recommendations of other LPs in this vein, particularly those that are clean and positive in nature.

biz markie - goin off
biz markie - the biz never sleeps
biz markie - i need a haircut (this was the album that brought sampling to the forefront and got biz sued. "alone again" samples gilbert o'sullivan. biz named his next album "all samples cleared.")

my advice, check out his first 2 albums. those are essential (or you could get a best of). shouldn't be any cursing.

Kool moe dee - how ya like me now
Kool moe dee - knowledge is king

Im a huge moe dee fan. Not sample heavy at all, but clean. And moe dee is one of the best lyricists ever. "I go to work" is one of the most lyrical hit singles I've ever heard.

A tribe called quest - peoples instinctive travels and the paths of rhythm
A tribe called quest - low end theory

Tribe basically introduced rap music to jazz sampling. Low end theory is one of my all time favs. "Scenario," the song that introduced busta rhymes, "bonita applebum," and "i left my wallet in el segundo" are must hears. Tribe called quest are the reason i got into jazz. I wanted to know who they sampled. And when i found out, i wanted to hear the original. Q-tip did most of the production (largely unknown until a few years ago).

De la soul - 3 feet high and rising

This brought about more goofy, fun, rap. "Me, myself & i" and "potholes in my lawn" is hippy rap. Posdnous aka plug 1 is one of the densest lyricists of all time (esp seen on later albums). Stakes is High is their pinnacle (tho all their albums are great/good)

Monie Love - down to earth
Includes her best known song, "monie in the middle." Monie was a part of the native tongues (jungle brothers, tribe, de la soul, queen latifah, Monie, etc)

I'll list some albums, then go into detail later today.

Heavy d and the boyz - livin large

Big daddy kane - long live the kane (side note...big daddy kane, scoob and scrap had the best dance moves on stage), its a big daddy thing

Slick rick - great adventures of slick rick
Best storytelling album ever. Hilarious too. Must have. Also, his work with dougie fresh.

Queen latifahs first 3 albums, with black reign being my favorite.

LL cool j's radio, bigger and deffer, and mama said knock you out.

Anything by jazzy jeff and the fresh prince

I don't remember boogie down productions (krs one) cursing much (exception might be the sex & violence album, but criminal minded is a must have) BDP is kinda in the vein of public enemy.

Rakim and eric b. - paid in full, follow the leader, let the rhythm hit 'em
the only time i ever heard rakim curse was on "mahogany" - he says f*** once. Rakim is still my favorite emcee of all time.

You might also enjoy the fat boys. Get the rhino records release "all meat, no filler: best of the fat boys. Kurtis blow produced for them. Early 80's

Chubb rock was really positive. Kinda similar to heavy d. I've only heard his singles, but you should look into him.

There's ed o.g. & da bulldogs "be a father to your child."

Marley marl - in control volume one. Really, anything by the juice crew (marl, big daddy kane, masta ace, mc shan, roxanne shante)

Thanks for the detailed response! I've got a few on that list, L.L. Cool J., A Tribe Called Quest, Fat Boys, and Marley Marl. I'm familiar with some of the others through 'hits' that received airplay.

Biggest challenge for me is simply finding used Rap LPs or singles. Very scarce in S. Montana and N. Wyoming. Same story with Blues, Reggae, and Soul.
I have a similer problem. It's rare when i find a rap album for less than $20, unless its 1986 or earlier, and even then its not easy.
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Post by barbiedollspimp » Tue Aug 23, 2011 7:50 pm

Gang starr - daily operation, moment of truth, full clip
Guru was one of the best emcees at doing different types of songs. And while he never had crazy metaphors or intricate wordplay, he always stayed on point. He always had the best lyrics to fit over dj premiers' beats. Whether talking about getting robbed (just to get a rep), playing yourself (mass appeal), or ladies (royalty), guru always sounded great. One of rap musics best voices.

Guru - jazzmatazz vol. 1, 2, 3
esp vol. 1 & 2. These albums are quite slept on in my opinion.

Whodini - escape
"Whodini" and "back in black" are okay, but "escape" is the only album you need. "Freaks come out at night," "friends," "5 minutes of funk."

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