gang starr/guru appreciation post

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gang starr/guru appreciation post

Post by barbiedollspimp » Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:15 am

the reason i f***ed w/ guru hard back in the day was b/c he was one of the few cats that was nice w/o fitting into a particular character or archetype. almost everybody had a larger-than-life PERSONA --

rick was over-the-top cartoonish w/ the jewelry, wearing crowns and calling dudes "crumbs" and all that
kane was like a 70s barry white pimp resurrected
g rap and cube were like some f***ing black terminators or some sh*t
chuck had that sort of malcolm x aura of austere approachability
and rakim? sh*t, ra was like a f***ing ancient egyptian. he seemed like he wasn't even from this PLANET

but guru was kind of just a dude. looked and acted like dudes you knew. so he didn't have to worry about stepping "outside the box" and losing cats, which gave him a certain amt of freedom that maybe a ra/kane/chuck/g rap didn't have.

dude could basically make every type of song:

- bragging rappity-rap song
- street story narration song
- book-smart college song
- black history song
- girl song
- gun-talk song
- "cops be on some bullshit" song
- "black ppl, we f***in up + need to get our sh*t together" song
- "rep my neighborhood/borough" song
- "man, f*** these hoes" song
- "name-drop the old jazz heads" song
- pale horse/c-o-n-spiracy song

and it always came off w/ a degree of sincerity. never felt like he was contradicting/compromising himself or playing a role. very versatile cat in that regard. that's prolly his real legacy as an mc to me, beyond working w/ premo.

the voice and articulation -- self-explanatory

just a sharp emcee on a lot of different levels. suffice it to say: an upper-echelon cat on catalog alone.

when you can drop a 2cd best of, and dudes are STILL debating sh*t that got left off, you're certified.

one of the things that struck out to me about gang starr were the crazy behind the scenes stories that resulted in classic jams:

just to get a rep: guru was robbed in BK
now you're mine: guru and primo had got into a fistfight, the rhymes were directed at primo (the hoops metaphor were cuz it was originally recorded for Above the Rim sdtk)
JFK 2 LAX: guru arrested for gun possession

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