All girls band from Oslo/Norway

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All girls band from Oslo/Norway

Post by B_big. » Sun Nov 16, 2014 6:58 pm

( ( ( ( ( ((((((( .Image
    • An all female members band I discovered by curiosity, because of their funny name - "Katzenjammer" (German word for crapulence). I fell in love with 'em when I watched the live performance of their concert in Hamburg/Germany (2012) on youtube.
      • 'A Kiss Before You Go' - Katzenjammer (Universal/Vertigo - 06025 2783210 4, 2011)
      Fantastic (crossover) power pop - you can hear the 'play fun' they have!

      Here's the lyrics of one of their songs (my absolute favorite) from their second album 'Le Pop'
      • 'Demon Kitty Rag'

        Here kitty, kitty
        There's too much demon blood
        In these self appointed angels
        Acting like you're comatose
        Speaking like a country rose
        Or a preacher's pet in drag

        Banging on a kettledrum
        Won't make you notice me
        Though you're bored beyond belief
        Suckin' on an old mans thumb
        Man it makes me feel so numb
        Gonna teach you how to how to make it feel good

        I'll be your nightmare mirror
        Do what you do to me
        I'll be your nightmare mirror
        Colder than a steel blade

        Get them while they're younger
        Yeah, someone told me that
        But man I never saw it commin'
        Gonna let myself go soon
        Man, I'm gonna tear it down
        And maybe take my kitty with me

        Girl you need some discipline
        Girl you need some medicine
        Even though my heart is breaking
        Never gonna straight you up
        Oh my god, what's wrong with me
        Can't seem to teach you how to make it feel good

      Beware of these Norwegian girls !! . Image
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RE: All girls band from Oslo/Norway

Post by j_loop » Mon Nov 17, 2014 6:07 pm

Great stuff! I know accents can dissolve when singing, but if you didn't mention they're from Oslo I wouldn't have picked up on it. Or maybe it's just the videos I watched.
Based on the video you linked, I followed another to hear their version of Land Of Confusion. Well Done! Man, I used to love that video as a kid...

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