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Music Collectorz software (

Post by webkrawlerr » Thu Oct 09, 2014 7:31 am

I have about 5000 45rpm records and I have been looking for a solution to catalog them.

Not just cataloging them, though. I wanted a way to take the collection with me electronically so when I am at a record shop or show I can access my collection
without lugging a book with me.

I started out on Discogs. I think I got up to abouy 1500 records cataloged within a year.

It's nice but too many rules and too time consuming.

I looked at Music Collectorz and I liked what I saw. There are two parts to their software. A PC/Mac version ($30.00) that runs on your computer. It is very detailed and allows you to customize your collection to suit your needs. And, there is web version ($3/month) that syncs with the desktop version and is what I use mainly when I am out and about.

Pro's and Con's

Pro: Desktop software
Price is not too hefty.
User defined fields.
Allows uploading multiple images (one has to the MAIN image)
All fields are searchable/easy to search
Syncs with website

Con: Desktop software
They can do things that makes adding new
records to the DB a bit easier.
For some $30 might be too high.
Learning curve. You can customize it for records
but it is geared towards CD's.

Pro: Web software
Allows you to access from any web enabled device.
Has a mobile version.
Nice layout
Can be used with or without the desktop application.

Con: Web software
Only allows MAIN image (one image) you select in the desktop version
Doesn't sync EVERY field in the desktop version. Just some.
No user defined fields.
Not all fields available are searchable

I was able to export and import my data from Discogs to Music Collectorz
which saved me some time. But, I had to clean it up which took about
a month. So, after a month I had my 1500 records transferred from
Discogs to Music Collectorz.

I am now at nearly 2700 records.

I started out entering the data in the desktop application but now I find
it's faster to enter the new release/data with the web version and then
synch it to the desktop version after.

Here is what my collection looks like: ... music/view

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Level 2
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Joined: Thu Jun 17, 2004 6:29 pm

Post by webkrawlerr » Fri Oct 10, 2014 4:32 am

Some of you might be asking "What's wrong with Discogs"?

Well, my OCD for one thing.

They have a bazillion fields for you to use and my OCD won't let me skip those
fields so I am finding I am inputting too much data per release which is way too time consuming.
I know, this is my issue. But, it's still an issue.

Also, I'm tired of people sending me messages "You used Mike Kramer when
you should have used Mike Kramer (3)" and the data is manipulated by
other users and then they change my images unnecessarily when I do
add a submission (I added over 700 unique/new submissions) and
I never got the whole ANV thing down which is confusing and I wanted
to take images of both the A & B sides of my 45's and the pic sleeve
which was also time consuming.

Music Collectorz web interface only allows one image which cures
my OCD issue of having to put up all the images I can. I am forced
to accept just one image which is fine for me. And I am only using
the searchable fields so that also limits how much info I put up.

So, all in all, Music Collectorz was just a good fit for me and no
one can mess with or manipulate my data.

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