Artist looking for advice on selling new vinyl EP

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RE: Re: Artist looking for advice on selling new vinyl EP

Post by paulsvinyl » Tue Aug 19, 2014 3:30 pm

The bands I used to manage sold merch at their gigs and made more money doing that than with what they got paid by the venues. If you're gigging and people are there, they'll buy vinyl in a heartbeat. $10-12 would be what I would pay for an EP at a show.

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RE: Re: Artist looking for advice on selling new vinyl EP

Post by UncleMark » Sat Aug 23, 2014 12:35 am


My reason for the original query was to see if there was such a subset of collectors who would be interested in super-rare new vinyl. I legitimately didn't know.

Now the difference between my release and others is that I am deliberately keeping the digital tracks out of the "market". The vinyl is not a premium you can buy in addition to owning a digital copy and there is no digital download card you get when you buy the vinyl. The vinyl IS all that exists (although I obviously have the digital files and presumably so does the place that cut the records).

Now, because I'm not completely oblivious and realize that people need to hear something before they're gonna wanna purchase a record I have decided to make 1 track available for download. I didn't want to do it but like I said I'm not completely out of my mind.

As far as selling records at gigs, that is certainly the main way I hope to sell them. Thanks for the tip on the price point.

If anyone is interested btw...

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