How Much Is Your Collection Really Worth?

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Post by webkrawler » Fri Nov 07, 2014 5:51 am

I have the opposite opinion on some things.

In some areas on the USA, new record stores are opening or expanding all the time. Where I live, they are thriving. I found a new spot I wanted to visit in a nearby
city but the article I read about the then new store was a few years old. So, I e-mailed them and asked them if they were still open and to verify their hours
and they not only validated the information, they also said they had JUST opened another new location.

The resurgence of vinyl has definitely boosted the sale of vinyl and helped open and keep open record stores.

I am sure when markets look at the current percentage sales of vinyl against MP3 downloads. they do not take into account
people buying used items. I think 3x as much (or more) used stuff is sold then new stuff. This is a good thing and still
eats away at other mediums like MP3 download and CD sales.

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Post by anthonyvp » Sun Nov 16, 2014 12:35 am

They are worth about 40 years of my life. ;)

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Post by wand143 » Sun Nov 16, 2014 12:00 pm

Once or twice a year, if the shelves are getting a little tight, I'll sit down for a few days' worth of free time and go through my 45s, scrutinizing every single one (I just got done with another purge this week, in fact). After shows and flea markets, it's real easy to get excited and want to keep ALL the records I like, but every once in a while a sour note makes its way into the collection and I can't help but wonder, "What the heck did I get this for?" Plus, tastes change - I started having second thoughts about some of my slow doo-wops, for example - and I always figure there's a core collection I'll never part with, but for me it's never just accumulate, accumulate...I'm not a hoarder in that regard. So a little "Housecleaning" is healthy on a regular basis, plus it helps make the collection pretty cool and builds a better MUSIC library. If I can get back what I put into a record, that's fine with me - I prefer to break even and a couple dealers I know are cool with it, though a little profit IS handy when I need the money. But if I had to unload the WHOLE collection tomorrow, what would I get for it? I dunno - I'd say there's a ready market for maybe 25% of the collection, with the rest being "common" stuff according to dealers.
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