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Help me find the value of my records? <B>Please exercise due diligence in researching your items before posting to this forum.</B> The Helpful Hints sticky contains valuable resources. Also, <U>no buying or selling</U> and <U>no long lists or flooding</U>. Please use the <B>Your Wants</B> forum for records you are looking for.

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Re: Value

Post by mackdaddyg » Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:54 pm

J.Schneider wrote:With the exception(s) of the very few, who genuinely LOVE the music, LOVE the times, LOVE the vinyl, you think that the real "value" is in the $ worth of the item(s) and it has been the ruke time and time again!
What's a ruke?

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Post by SID » Wed Aug 17, 2011 3:00 pm

The return of Recofile's alter ego ! :twisted:

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RE: Value

Post by SndChaser » Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:47 pm

As a new member I see a couple of issues with opening statements about valuing a recording in this manner.

(1) eBay and other auctions sites are generally *not* a good place to determine value. They are places to determine what others *believe* the value of a particular recording to be. In most cases what you find are auctions / shops with the price that the seller hopes to get, typically not what the item sold for (if it sold at all). Also realize that frequently the price that is listed on eBay is partially influenced by the sellers reputation -- the better the seller the more likely the prices listed will be a bit higher.

(2) This doesn't take into consideration condition and grading at all. While you may find copies of your record listed out there for $50 or $75, those might be for M or NM copies. If yours is only a VG or VG+, the value is likely to be substantially lower (like 30 percent or more lower) than what you were able to find.

(3) None of the above really discusses or factors in the source for the recording. A common record, or something that was made available in high volume will likely have less value.

So, let me substantiate this a bit more with an example. I've been working on going through a few recordings I've recently acquired. One particular box set I have graded as VG+ for the media, and VG- for the sleeve. Searching for the recording I have (a) determined that it comes from a source that is relatively low-volume, but very high-quality production house, (b) an asking range of $25-$75 for this particular recording, (c) an actual sale of a copy of the recording for $35, (d) the grading on the sold copy of VG for media, and VG+ for the sleeve. Given these factors, I would value my copy at $40 (because of scarcity, high quality source, and media condition), but expect that it could sell as low as $30 (because of the slight wear on the sleeve seams).

The (4th) and final thing to consider: always be conservative, especially as a new collector. Don't think that you are going to be able to get into this area to turn a quick buck. Learn about the items that you are working with, learn proper grading and research techniques.

I have been frequenting one shop lately that makes no bones about trying to push volume. The owners do look for particular recordings that they know will have a higher market value, and price them accordingly. However they have a large volume of merchandise, and there is no way they can research everything, so they are conservative and have a pricing range of (typically) $1-$3 per record, depending on the grading. This makes for a quite fertile ground for me to shop as I have knowledge in areas that they don't (and we've discussed this a few times), and it makes me willing to take a risk on some recordings that I have lesser knowledge about - a risk I can take to do some research.

IMO - that is the ideal position to start out in: know you grading and value your collection in a conservative and realistic manner. As you build up the knowledge and research on particular subjects, you will be able to re-value your collection in a consistent and reasonable manner.

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RE: Value

Post by JR58 » Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:13 am

I'm not here to sell i'm just wanting to learn a little about something that isn't my forte,i sort of jumped into the deep end i guess.I'll read the rules carefully.mmmmm!!!!

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