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This forum is to serve as a gallery to display unique, rare or VERY interesting record covers. Include release information (cover design credit, label and catalogue no., country, year, etc.) with the photo or scan. Due to server size limitations, we ask that common or large production discs be excluded. <B>Please</B>, no buying or selling of discs here. Please observe the "flooding" post in Rules and Regulations".

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Post by rooster » Sat Dec 07, 2013 12:16 pm

JoeG wrote:Rooster, you got me! Also the "Loaded" album that I pictured is not really a compilation album.

I WOULD consider the "Loaded" album as a comp. The tracks were recorded over three sessions. The only musician common to all three sessions is Kai Winding. Certainly the first session (which produced "Loaded", "Grab Your Axe, Max", "Always" and "Sweet Miss") was a separate affair from the the other two and featured a different group.

JoeG wrote:Hope you enjoyed the gallery otherwise.


I did indeed enjoy seeing the LPs. There are some fine albums in the gallery. Very nice.

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Post by wurlitzer1450 » Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:09 pm

the other comp lp that i'm thinking of has cuts especially recorded just for this lp. “Teenage Rock!” (Capitol T 1009 US) with Ferlin Husky, Sonny James and Tommy Sands. it's on capitol and has a rare gene vincent cut. if i knew where mine was i'd post a pic.
near the little town of nervous, new mexico

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