Please read these rules prior to posting

If you have experienced either a good or bad eBay deal on a record related material. Please post here.

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Please read these rules prior to posting

Post by cutter » Tue Aug 02, 2005 1:41 pm

Hello all,

This forum was created to expose blatant sales practices and outright acts of theft at

All auctions or dealings must be record related.

In order to post to this forum, you MUST be able to supply documentation to justify any claims against a business or individual. This should include multiple complaints by buyers or sellers. This may be in the form of feedback complaints or ratings. First hand experience is preferred.

Please note: This forum is not to be used for trivial complaints or vendettas.

Additionally, you may also post additional evidece to backup any claims. Please remember that removes auctions after a period of time. So to place a URL to a specific auction page is for a dated period. Instead we request that you either "copy and paste" the details of the auction within the post. Or, simply transfer the information yourself.

Images of the auction page will also be accepted.

The Record Collectors Guild reserves the right to move or delete any post that does not conform to these rules or the rules for this board.

Any questions or comments about this forum can and should be submitted to the Guild Moderators or Administrator.
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