Picture posting at RCG 2017

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Picture posting at RCG 2017

Post by B_big. » Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:35 pm

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  • Because of a lot of complains from various members, that they couldn't post images, I will give a "how to" for posting pictures. At most (nearly) all of the collector forums you won't find the option to upload pictures straight to their web space. That's nothing bad, 'cause they had to pay for their web space and the bigger the space becomes, the more the costs will increase.

    So it won't work the old known way no more!
    You must have access to FTP-space to upload the pictures you want to post. I have some for the two web-sites I run.

    So if you don't have web space, because you're not running a web-site on your own, you'll have to register at a service of web-space providers, which allow you to use their web space; like these for instance:

    no. 1 / or no. 2 / or no. 3

    One more option is to look here to find mores provider offering an image hosting service. After you done it, you can link to the URL where you have uploaded your picture.

    Here's an example:
    • Code first: .

      Code: Select all

    This will be displayed like this:
    • . Image

    There's one more option, you can paste the picture URL, that you receive from the image hosting site, straight into your posting. Then highlight it and use the appropriate icon from the menu bar after that.

    This will also work fine:
    • Step 1 (high lighten pasted image path):
      • Image

      Step 2 (after using the appropriate option from the menu bar, it looks like this:
      • Image

      Don't hesitate to contact me, if you've further questions. .Image
. Image
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