Need help in finding a certain record...

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Need help in finding a certain record...

Post by Dangerzone95 » Tue Oct 14, 2014 5:13 am

Hi there, first time user here, but long time collector.

I've been collecting vinyl and cassettes for a while now (7 years), but there is one record/cassette that is making me stumped for years now (4 to be exact). The record/cassette is Lisa Lougheed's Evergreen Nights from 1987/1988 from Canada. It's been a search that never seems to stop.

I've looked through countless number of thrift shops, garage sales/yard sales, and music stores, and have only came across the two singles from the album; Ain't No Planes and Run With Us, but still not the album I've been looking for. So then, several years ago, I was introduced into buying records online and decided to look through the internet. I searched through Ebay (though, always weary about that site), Music Stacks, Amazon, Gemm, and Discogs.

While on Discogs, I saw people who ("supposedly") owned the record/cassette and noticed I could message those people. So, I asked everyone who owned the vinyl and the cassette, and either recieved no message or was greeted with verbal explictives proclaiming that they will never sell/trade the record for anything. But there was one person on there that was interested in selling their copy, but that person terminated their account over a year ago (and no, didn't get his email address, nor contact info).

So, looking online for this record for the past three years has either turned up nothing, too late to buy it or finding a person who owns it, but is too stubborn to message me. I'm almost fed up with finding this record/cassette, and am losing faith everyday for looking for this record/cassette and coming up empty, nearly 100% of the time.

As I've said before, I am new to the forum side of the internet (just started my account on here today) but I'm hoping this can aide me in my search for Lisa Lougheed's Evergreen Night album (or cassette).

I'm asking if anyone on here has or knows anyone that has Evergreen Nights Vinyl or Cassette. Or if I can contact someone to help me find this record, because I've read somewhere about "Record Finders" (people that find records for people) but I haven't found a single person that does that yet.

Any information on finding this record would help, and thanks for reading!
Evergreen Nights Album Cover.
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RE: Need help in finding a certain record...

Post by wurlitzer1450 » Tue Oct 14, 2014 2:52 pm

4 of them sold that were reported --- ... LED_Canada, -----try searching "raccoons"
near the little town of nervous, new mexico

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RE: Need help in finding a certain record...

Post by CactusCowboy » Tue Oct 14, 2014 3:02 pm

Hi and welcome to the RCG.

Looks like she has a facebook page. That might be a way to make contact.

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