Official RCG Member's Want List's

If you are looking for any music related items, list them here. This includes records, tapes, CD's, equipment and accessories, etc. Please, no selling or hyping of websites or commercial services here.

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Post by djdaffy1227 » Mon Jul 28, 2008 1:46 pm

I tried to edit my post but it wouldn't let me, so I'll just post my edited want list here.

My Prince want list:

US Promo 12":

WB PRO-A-916 When you were mine-Gotta broken heart again / Uptown
PP PRO-A-3283 I wish u heaven / I wish u heaven
WB PRO-A-3705 Partyman / Partyman
PP 0-40700-1 My name is Prince (remixes)
AR ARDP-3783 The greatest romance ever sold (Jason Nevins mixes)

There are many other UK 12" singles I'd like but these are the biggies on my want list!
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Post by jettboi » Sat Sep 27, 2008 5:09 am

This is a repost. I originally submitted this in the "Your Wants" forum but I wanted to make it more permanent so I'm including it here also.

In the interest of full disclosure I should say that I don't have anything newfangled like a credit card, paypal account, or any other means of buying things over the 'net. I don't even have a checkbook. I'd bury my money in the backyard in Mason jars if my fiancee would let me. I would love to have the option to purchase any of the items on my want list but I 'spose the best I could do would be a money order through the mail. If that's too much hassle for you then that's cool. I just thought I'd mention it.

Most of these will be for listening pleasure and not for collectibility. Cover less important than vinyl quality/condition.

--Anything by gay, lesbian, transgendered, or bisexual artists. Most noticeably artists on the Olivia label but I'd be interested in anything, especially if it goes beyond the usual lesbian-with-a-guitar that comprises most of this subset of music. This can also include more MOR artists that got radio-play.

--I'm REALLY looking for the TOPS Billy Tipton album that features him on the cover. I already have the Sweet Georgia Brown album.

--One major hole in my record collection is Pet Sounds of all things! I'd really like a copy of this.

--Any girl punk/new wave. 45's also

--Any Bruce Springsteen rarities, boots/live albums included.

--Any Paul Simon/S&G rarities, boots/live albums included

--Music featured on labels from Southwestern Virginia. Not interested in bluegrass or white christian/gospel which is 75% of the output from this area unfortunately. A couple of labels off the top of my head will be Raven, Princess, or Mart. Cities to look for will be Roanoke, Salem, Danville, Lynchburg, Lexington, Abington, and Charlottesville. These are the major cities in this area but any city/town is of interest. Most of this will be on 45 which is fine and dandy.

Thanks for looking and I hope that someone find some goodies for me!

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Re: records wanted

Post by StephenMacLeod » Tue Sep 30, 2008 12:39 am

StephenMacLeod wrote:Any British Invasion Artist on original British label in playable condition,Beatles,Roling Stones,Cliff Richard,Hollies,Searchers,DC5 etc,Adam Faith
Signs-Five Man Electrical Band -longer version,lp version us copy on Lionel.
Penetration-The Pyramids 45.
I collect mostly singles,50`s-70`s,mostly rock oriented,no pop,the only kind I don`t like are acetate singles,they don`t wear well,I`ve never traded with anybody on this board before.
These all must be 45`s.
I love 45`s ,only problem I have been having is getting cardboard sleeves in Canada.
I also collect Canadian groups from 1960`s & 1970`s.
I`ve got some lp`s I could trade,let me know your interests & maybe we can do a deal,you can also contact me at
I no longer need the long version of Signs on 45,just got it today,from Ebay.

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Re: Official RCG Member's Want List's

Post by Bgas » Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:46 am

LPMAN wrote:Shaddysam came up with a great suggestion, so here we go.

This thread is solely dedicated to members of the RCG to post their want lists. Lets try and make "complete" want lists here, if you have one or two records your after just make a regular post in this part of the forum.
And how does one "become" a member?

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Re: Official RCG Member's Want List's

Post by SID » Sun Nov 16, 2008 2:58 pm

Bgas wrote:
LPMAN wrote:Shaddysam came up with a great suggestion, so here we go.

This thread is solely dedicated to members of the RCG to post their want lists. Lets try and make "complete" want lists here, if you have one or two records your after just make a regular post in this part of the forum.
And how does one "become" a member?

You are a member, Bgas ! You became one when you joined this forum. Welcome to the RCG ! :D Post away ! Let's see your want list.

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My Beach Boys want List

Post by Bgas » Wed Nov 19, 2008 2:07 am

Previously posted to the daily wants; Hoping this "permanent list" will be eradicated quickly by posting it here!

Want to buy or Trade.



Spirit of America Capitol KFWB INSERT/MAILER ONLY ( I was there KFWB Day)

These Five (5) on Stock copy USA Reprise Steamboat Label ONLY ( Brownish-Red label)

Slip On Through / This Whole World Rep. 0929

Tears In the Morning / It's About Time Rep. 0957

Cool, Cool Water / Forever Rep. 0998

Marcella / Hold On Dear Brother Rep. 1101

Sail On Sailor / Only With You Rep. 1138

-------Capitol Starline Promos----

In My Room/ Be True To Your School Cap. DJ-P 6059

Ten Little Indians/ She Knows Me Too Well Cap. DJ-P 6060

Help Me Rhonda/ Do You Wanna Dance? Cap DJ-P 6081

Surfin' USA/ Shut Down cap. DJ-P 6094

Surfin' Safari/409 Cap. DJ-P 6095

Good Vibrations/Barbara Ann Cap. DJ- P 6132

When I Grow Up/She Knows Me Too Well DJ-P 6204

Wendy/Little Honda DJ-P6205

------------Capitol Starline Green Label 45's-----------------

When I Grow Up/She Knows Me Too Well Cap. 6204

Wendy/Little Honda Cap. 6205

These late 60's Capitol 45's, described as listed:
The subsidiary print reads :" Manufactured by Capitol Records Inc, a subsdiiary of Capitol Industries""

I Get Around -- white subsidiary print Capitol 5174
Barbara Ann -- white subsidiary print Capitol 5561
Sloop John B -- white subsidiary print Capitol 5602
Do It Again -- white subsidiary print Capitol 2239

--------Solo ----------

Dennis Wilson Sound Of Free Stateside 2C 006-92.147M France w/Picture Sleeve

Dennis Wilson Sound Of Free Stateside 5C 006-92 147 DUTCH w/ Title Sleeve

-------- EP -----

Complete Selections From Surfin' Safari Cap. Pro 2185/2186
One side is the Beach Boys, the other side is Ray Anthony

--------LP's -------

Dr. Pepper and Faberge present Good Vibrations From London

More Music 03-179-72

Salesman Demonstration Record Capitol SPRO 2378/2379

Salesman Demonstration Record Capitol SPRO 2494/2495

Salesman Demonstration Record Capitol SPRO 4231/4232

Veterans Admin. Presents "Soundtrack Five" Prog. 10 (10 inch LP)
I think this may alkso have Nat "King"Cole on it

------------Capitol Promotional LP’s--------------

(these will either have a DJ timing strip glued to the cover, thru # 2027, or the cover will be punched "promo" or "free" with those tiny holes spelling the word; usually in the upper right corner. The ones I have listed are the most likely for each release; but I would be interested in any variation of the three

Surfin Safari (D)T-1808 Timing Strip

Surfin’ U.S.A. (S)T-1890 Timing Strip

Shut Down (S)T-1918 Timing Strip

Shut Down Volume 2 (S)T-2027 Timing strip

Beach Boys Today (S)T-2269 " PROMO"

Summer Days (and Summer Nights) (S)T-2354 " PROMO "

Smiley Smile Brother (S)T-9001 " FREE "

Wild Honey (S)T-2859 " FREE "

Best Of Volume 3 (S)T-2945 " FREE "

----------(Longines)Capitol Record Club LP's -------------
All of these may not exist, BUT, since no one"seems" to know which ones were definitely released by the club at this time, They're ALL here. I don't have to have a mono AND a stereo for each one. One would be Great. They would all have the three diagonal hash marks near the upper left corner.

Surfin Safari DT-8 or T-8- 1808

Chartbusters ST-8 or T-8- 1837

Surfin USA ST-8 or T-8- 1890

Shut Down ST-8 or T-8- 1918

Chartbusters Vol. 2 ST-8 or T-8- 1945

Surfer Girl ST-8 or T-8- 1981

Surfing’s Greatest Hits ST-8 or T-8- 1995

Chartbusters Vol. 3 ST-8 or T-8- 2006

Big Hot Rod Hits St-8 or T-8- 2024

Shut Down Vol. 2 ST-8 or T-8- 2027

Chartbusters Vol. 4 ST-8 or T-8- 2094

All Summer Long ST-8 or T-8- 2110

The Big Hits From England And The U.S.A. ST-8 or T-8- 2125

Beach Boys Christmas Album ST-8 or T-8- 2164

Beach Boys Concert STAO-8 or TAO-8- 2198

Beach Boys Party SMAS-8 or MAS-8- 2398

Pet Sounds DT-8 or T-8-2458

Best Of The Beach Boys Vol. 2 DT-8 or T-8- 2706

Beach Boys Deluxe Set DTCL-8 or TCL-8- 2813

The Many Moods Of Murry Wilson ST-8 or T-8- 2819

Best Of The Beach Boys Vol. 3 DKAO-8 or KAO-8- 2945

--------------JAPANESE LPS-------------------------

Red Vinyl just has a look....

SHUT DOWN (VOL. 2) CP-7114

------- TAPES---------------

My specific wants are listed below. In addition to these, I'm interested in ANY TITLES put out by the Capitol Record Club; these should have a number in the 63xxx series, such as 63090, which is Smiley Smile. This number will probably be in addition to the regular catalog number. I want these in any tape format!

-----------8 TRACKS--------------------------

Chartbusters/Chartbusters Vol.2 Capitol 8X2T 2258

Stack-O-Tracks Capitol 8XT-2893

Beach Boys Deluxe 3 Pack Capitol 8X3T 359 w/ original Box (about LP size)

Celebration At Big Sur Ode '70 8T-77008 (Various Artists, including the Beach Boys))


0535 -- Beach Boys Today

0536 -- Summer Days

These three are thought to exist:

?? -- Beach Boys Christmas Album

?? -- Beach Boys Party!

?? -- Best Of The Beach Boys From Capitol Album T-2545

All on the Capitol label (MUST HAVE PAPER LABELS; most, if not all, should also have a blue fold-open insert with a listing for othertapes by Capitol artists)

Here again: Not all of these may exist; no definitive listing has been made, yet, as far as I know. In addition, I'm searching forCapitol various artists cassettes that include the Beach Boys.

4XT-1808 Surfin' Safari

4XT-2110 All Summer Long

4XT-2164 The Beach Boys Christmas Album

4XT- 2198 Beach Boys Concert

4XT-2269 The Beach Boys Today

4XT-2354 Summer Days(And Summer Nights!)

4XT-2458 Pet Sounds

4XT-2706 Best Of The Beach Boys, Vol. 2

4XT-2893 Stack-O-Tracks

4XT-2895 Friends

4X3T-359 Beach Boys Deluxe 3 Pack Cap. w/ original Box (about LP size)

-----------Capitol Cassettes 1990--------------------

Volume 1, 4 and 5 of "the Beach Boys Collection" ; Insert is Blue with Yellow print

----------USA SHEET MUSIC ------------
I've only seen prrof that the last one actually exists:

TEN LITTLE INDIANS W/ Beach Boys picture

LOUIE, LOUIE W/ Beach Boys picture

GRADUATION DAY W/ Beach Boys picture


HUSHABYE W/ Beach Boys picture

I'M SO YOUNG W/ Beach Boys picture

SAIL ON SAILOR W/ Beach Boys picture

DON”T RUN AWAY ( Bruce and Terry) Drawing of legs, no photo/pic

--------CONCERT PROGRAMS--------

Any Single-venue Concert programs, especially from 1969 to 1974.

-------CONCERT POSTERS------

Interested in any


Looking for any stand-ups from the Capitol years.

Any Capitol records Promotional posters for the eEach Boys

Anyone have any packages of "Beach Boys Party Peanuts" ?

iF you have something listed here, but don't want to sell it now( maybe ever), at least let's trade mails and let me see pics! ( My hope is to find something you want MORE than the things I want from you)
My email address is:

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Post by karloffsidekick » Thu Dec 11, 2008 9:24 pm

Okay guys and's my official 'want list'...who's gonna make me happy? Also, I have oodles of LPs for trade so lemme know what'cha need.


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Post by plust » Sat Dec 13, 2008 9:14 pm

I started buying albums I like over the summer, and though I feel like I have a lot for the amount of time I've been collecting records, I still find that my iTUNES library contains a lot of essentials that my collection is lacking. Help me.

Egg Hunt: S/T
Skewbald: S/T
Stereolab: Anything
The Fall: Anything
Snakefinger: The Spot
Other Residents/Ralph Records singles

PIL: Second Edition
Embrace: S/T
The Fall: Live at the Witch Trials
Hex Enduction Hour
Bend Sinister
This Nation's Saving Grace
David Bowie: Hunky Dory
Ziggy Stardust
Aladdin Sane
Station to Station
Iggy Pop: Lust for Life
New Order: Substance
X: Los Angeles
Wild Gift
More fun in the New World
Under the Big Black Sun
The Clash: London Calling
Magazine: Real Life
The Proper Use of Soap
The Replacements: Let it Be
Pleased to Meet Me
Van Morison: Astral Weeks
Black Sabbath: Paranoid
Psychocandy: Jesus and Mary Chain
Led Zeppelin: I-IV
My Bloody Valentine: Loveless
De La Soul: Three Feet High and Rising
Suicidal Tendencies: S/T
Wu Tang Clan: 36 Chambers
Raekwon: Only Built for Cuban Linx
Dr. Octagon: Dr. Octagonecologyst
Sonic Youth: Daydream Nation, Goo, Confusion is Sex, EVOL, Sister, Dirty, Really anything you've got I'm probably interested
Big Black: Atomizer, Racer X, Songs about...
Slint: Spiderland
mc5: Kick out the Jams, Back in the USA
Pavement: Slanted and Enchanted, Crooked Rain Crooked Rain
Hank Williams: Top 40 Hits
Elvis Costello: My Aim is True, This Year's Model, Armed Forces
Anything by Glen Branca

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Post by CactusCowboy » Sat Dec 13, 2008 11:58 pm

Some of those early Fall LPs have been reissued. For example, I've got "Live At The Witch Trials" on the Earmark label, which includes a 'bonus disc' of earlier stuff. It shouldn't be difficult to find Pavement on vinyl either. I was in Oregon recently and saw plenty of Fall and Pavement LPs in record stores there.

I'm sure I've got an extra copy of that Hank Williams disc... shoot me a PM.

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Post by I_AM_CANADIAN » Mon Jul 06, 2009 2:30 am

I've just realized my wish list is pretty damn outdated... Artists whose records I'm particularly interested in:

Avril Lavigne
The Pigeon Detectives
Green Day
The Bouncing Souls
Belle & Sebastian
Snow Patrol
The Moody Blues
Boys Like Girls
Treble Charger
Any football/soccer-related records
Scissor Sisters
Bowling For Soup
Boy Kill Boy
The Jam
Sam Roberts
The Rifles
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