Official RCG Member's Want List's

If you are looking for any music related items, list them here. This includes records, tapes, CD's, equipment and accessories, etc. Please, no selling or hyping of websites or commercial services here.

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Official RCG Member's Want List's

Post by LPMAN » Sat Dec 03, 2005 7:57 pm

Shaddysam came up with a great suggestion, so here we go.

This thread is solely dedicated to members of the RCG to post their want lists. Lets try and make "complete" want lists here, if you have one or two records your after just make a regular post in this part of the forum.

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Post by dagwood.bumstead » Sat Dec 03, 2005 10:14 pm

Okay, here's my <b><u>Official Wants List!</u></b>

Not too interested in 45s. LPs only...

<b>Acts I just want to hear more of <i>(generally want VG+ or better, and I prefer early presses. Not interested in compilations)</i>:</b>
Suzy Boggus
Hoagy Carmichael
Jimmy Clanton (on Ace)
Chris Connor
Sam Cooke (on RCA and Keen)
Wilma Lee Cooper (on Hickory)
Dave Dudley, pre-1966
Hoosier Hot Shots
Harlan Howard
The Light Crust Doughboys
Meat Puppets
Willie Nelson on Liberty or RCA Victor
Jerry Reed (1967-70)
Bobby Short
Shel Silverstein
Jo Stafford pre-1957

<b>Specific titles I'd like to trade for <i>(VG+/VG+ unless noted)</i>:</b>
The Band - The Last Waltz
The Band - s/t (2nd LP, 1st press)... NM/NM
Elvin Bishop – Rock My Soul... NM/NM
James Brown on Smash
Joe Ely - Honky Tonk Masquerade... NM/NM
Aretha Franklin – Aretha Now (SD 8186)… blue/green label
Aretha Franklin – Soul ’69 (SD 8212)
Claude Gray - Country Goes to Town
Tom T. Hall - Homecoming
Emmylou Harris - At the Ryman
Waylon Jennings Sings Ol' Harlan
Phil Ochs - I Ain't Marching Anymore
Webb Pierce - s/t (Decca DL 8129, need an upgrade)
Hank Snow – RCA Victor LPM 1435 and 2043
Hank Thompson - pre-1960 1st-press
Merle Travis - Folk Songs of the Hills
Gene Watson on Capitol
Hank Williams, Sing Me a Blue Song (MGM E-3560)
Lucinda Williams, Ramblin’ on My Mind, Folkways 31066
Lucinda Williams, Happy Woman Blues, Folkways 31067
Neil Young, Everybody's Rockin'... NM/NM

<b>General interests...</b>:
Johnny Cash wlps (LP)
Baseball-related records (c. 1950s-60s)
Caedmon-label narrated LPs
Jubilee label
Rondolette label

Pink Floyd, DSOTM... I need a US copy of the "night" sticker to complete my o/w NM piece!!!

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Clearing out... PM if interested, can hold up to 8 before shipping. US shipping $3.00 1st, add 50c others up to $5... cash, money order, or paypal (add $1).

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Post by cococrisp » Mon Dec 05, 2005 11:58 pm

Leonard Cohen - Death Of A Ladies Man
Manfed Mann - Up The Junction OST
Connie Francis - Sings Jewish Favorites
David Bowie Low - Ryko issue
Johnny Cash - American Recordings
NWA - Straight Out Of Compton
Elvis - Paradise Hawaiin Style
Sinatra - Swing Easy 10"
PP Arnold - First Lady Of Immediate
Adam Faith EP's
Cliff Richard Cliff Sings
Scott Walker 2,4

Soundtracks in NM:

Killing Fields OST
Shining OST (Carlos)
What's New Pussycat OST
Godfather OST
Bedazzled OST

PRE 1970 Comedy LP's

PM if you have any, Thanks
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Post by LPMAN » Tue Dec 06, 2005 12:48 am

LPMAN's want list:

~Early Jazz/Blues 45's & 78's on the PARROT label
(NOT the Tom Jones type Parrot label.....)

~Velvet Underground 45's, Torso MONO VU&Nico LP w/sticker in VG+

~Stooges 1st pressings in NM condition only

~Misfits rarities Vinyl/Posters/Fiend Club Envelopes/etc;

~Elvis Compact 33's

~Elvis SUN #223 45rpm in NM only

~Elvis SUN #209 78rpm in NM only

~Skip James (Looking for a comp LP with all his Paramount recordings)

~Rare punk vinyl

~Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie..... 3xLP (NUMBERED edition)
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Post by MacJazz » Tue Dec 06, 2005 2:14 am

American Music 10" Lps (some red) Historical New Orleans Dixieland

Dixieland in general
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Comedy LPs

Post by hollisphelge » Sun Dec 11, 2005 1:32 am

I am cataloging some comedy albums now. More than a few are pre 70, many are not. At this point I have not graded most or even look closely at them. I am sure some have issues.
With that caveat, you are welcomed to look at the list. I’ll be happy to look more closely at any you might be interested in.
Mainly looking to sell right now, but I could be tempted to trade for Hot Nuts, Brother Dave Gardner, or Redd Foxx.
And if you speak Polish, I have a Marion Lush ‘Party Album --- Adults Only’. Didn’t know it was in Polish when I got it. Good Polka band.
My list is text and tabbed, no text (or data) delineator.
Let me know, I can email it

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RE: Comedy LPs

Post by Valdez » Sat Dec 17, 2005 4:33 am

Sentinals...Big surf....(stereo only) Del Fi DFST 1232
Sentinals Vegas a go go on Sutton SSU338 (Stereo only)
Los persuaders EP w/ Tijuana surf and grunion run
MFSL linda Ronstadt "Whats New" #158 (must be NM)

MFSL Mars Hotel. Grateful dead (must be NM)
Dovells... your hully gully party parkway 7021
31st of february on Vanguard 6503
Black Randy and the metro squad, "Pass the dust, I think I'm Bowie"

Wire Pink Flag 1st issue.
Manfred mann "MEAT" 45
Memories of El monte.... (What have YOU got? Let me know!)
Oh yes.... and anything on the BLEND, PALOMINO,

Blend Records:Discography.... I am always looking for copies of these in just about any condition

I'll Never Change/Rockin Beat-The Chromatics (featuring Bob Williams on vocals)with The Ernie Freeman Orchestra (BL-109 & BL110)

Till The Sun Stops Shining/Why Did You Leave Me-Dru Pegee with The Oscar Moore Trio(BL-101 & BL102-1002)

Pretty Please/Till The Sun Stops Shining-Russ De Marco-with Hy Light Orchestra(BL-107-& BL108)

Let Me Put You Straight-Vocals Ray Johnson (BL-106 & BL103)

Mama Dont Low No Mambo-Vocals Johnny Moore and the Hylighters(BL105 &BL1003)

Gonna Roll Lucky Seven Tonight/Baby I Miss You-vocals Ray Johnson and The Hi Liters(BL-1002 & BL104-BL1002 & B-103)

WANTED Johnny Winters, "Progressive blues experiment" on Sonobeat or Imperial.

Any of these bands but.... But they must be on Poshboy records !!!!

A - Adicts, Adolescents, Agent Orange, Abrasive Wheels, Action Now (The Direct Hits)
B - Baby Buddha, Tatjana Balazs, Bangles, Black Flag, Blitz, Bron Area, Buddy System
C-CHA - Calamities, Catch 22, Channel 3, Chaos U.K., Characters
CHE-CR - Cheezboy, Children's Day, China White, Christiane F, Chronic Disorder, Circle Jerks, Paul Cortese, Cristina, The Crowd
D - Dan-I, Das Klown, Dead Kennedys, Demob, Descendents, Dirk Dirksen, Disorder, Disrupters, Dramarama, Henry Diltz
F - F-Word!, Face To Face, Fall From Grace, Famous Last Words, Fender Buddies, Robbie Fields, Kim Fowley
G - G.B.H., Geza X, Gleaming Spires, Glu Gun, Gothic Hut
H - Nina Hagen, Halfbreeds, Garth Hall, David Hines
I - Ill Repute, Insane
J - J.F.A.
K - Kent State, Klan
L - Levi & The Rockats, Little Girls, Live Action p*ssy Show, Los Microwaves, Louis & Clark
M - David Microwave, Minutemen, Mr. Firley
N - No Crisis, No Fraud, Ian North, Nuns
O - Outcasts
P - Pariah, Partisans, Pepg!rls, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Pitch Factor, Poop
R - Radio Music, Red Alert, Red Brigade, Redd Kross, Red Rockers, Red Scare, Rik L Rik, Rudi
S - Saccharine Trust, Sky Saxon, Sensible Shoes, Alan Seymour, Shattered Faith, Brooke Shields, Signals, Simpletones, Sisters Grimm, Stepmothers, Social Distortion, Stains, Symbol Six
T - Target 13, Tender Fury, 391, 39 Steps, TSOL, TVTV$, Twisted Roots
U - Unit 3 & Venus, U.K. Decay, U.X.A.
V - Vandals, Vice Squad, Vidiots
W - Gayle Welch, Johanna Went, Willowz
Y - Y, Youth Gone Mad
VAR ious Artist Compilations

I will buy your SPEED GLUE & SHINKI record. any label or later releases but atlantic preferred

Curved air (any LP)
Michael Nesmith (any LP) Got 1 from Toreh
Gang of Four breif history of the 20th century (LP)
Beautiful South (Anything on vinyl)
Hugh Masakela (americanization of ooga booga) NM or better
STRANGLERS "About time" on WHEN records UK.

COVER for Eric Dolphy at the five spot Vol2 Prestige 7826
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Post by ShadySam » Wed Dec 28, 2005 2:52 am

ALICE Live at The Whiskey (boot)
STOOGES (1st press)
ODYSSEY-Setting Forth
GHOST- Dead 1 Second
STACK-Above All

This wantlist is by no means complete...will buy/trade, anything similar...
Thanks LPMAN

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Post by Lisa_Wheeler » Wed Dec 28, 2005 11:45 am

CURRENT WANTS (changes almost with the wind)

ANY K-tel Record Album NOT from the US or CANADA, meaning:
New Zealand

Yes, I "own" pictures and song lists of most of these, but I wouldn't mind having the physical discs. Yeah, yeah, I know... I said I was done collecting, but I can't turn down an "official" want list thread! HEHHEHE....
Pueblo City Limits - Southern Colorado records
Radio Use Only - Radio station compilations

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Post by jumping0jack0flash » Sat Dec 31, 2005 12:39 am

jumping0jack0flash's wants

(i'm only looking for something to play, not for collectability, so no NM or first presses unless they're going for cheap.. anything in VG-up condition)

fotheringay - s/t
ANY jack johnson
ANY dave matthews band
ANY rage against the machine
ANY ben harper
ANY new pornographers
pixies - doolittle
the breeders - last splash
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