Philly AIDS Thrift Store

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Philly AIDS Thrift Store

Post by Ernie11 » Mon Sep 22, 2014 6:47 pm

This is not a record store, it's a thrift store with some used vinyl LP's, CD's, a few cassette tapes and an 8-track tape every now and then. It's located at 710 S. 5th Street in Philadelphia, PA. Just go to Philly's famed South Street, find the corner of 5th and South, then go 1-1/2 blocks below South.

In my retirement, I have been paring down my large LP collection by donating some of them to this store. In the past week, I have dropped off the LP's listed below as a donation. I can't say exactly when the good folks there will have them priced and out in the bins, it's usually just a few days. I plan to volunteer there sometime in the future and will be donating more of my collection. I will post updates to this thread listing the LP's I donate. None of the below are of great collectible value, but might be of some interest to you.

Bachelors, 'Bachelors' Girls', London LL-3491, Mono (1966)
Diller, Phyllis, 'Are You Ready for Phyllis Diller?', Verve V-15031 (1960)
Doors, '13', Elektra EKS-74079, red label with Warner logo (1980)
Emerson, Lake and Palmer, 'Brain Salad Surgery', Manticore MC-66669, TOC (1973)
Fields, W.C., 'W.C. Fields on Radio', Columbia CS-9890 (1969)
Fitzgerald, Ella, 'Ella in Berlin', Verve MGV-4041 (1960)
Fitzgerald, Ella, 'Ella in Hollywood', Verve V6-4052, Stereo (1961)
Fitzgerald, Ella/Basie,, 'Ella and Basie!', Verve ST-90028, Capitol Record Club (1964)
Four Seasons, 'Rag Doll', Philips PHM 200-146 (1964)
Francis, Connie, 'Exciting Connie Francis', MGM SE-3761, scarcer Stereo - black label; seam split in cover (1959)
Garner, Errol, 'Plays Misty', Mercury MG-20662, Mono (1962)
Herman's Hermits, 'Hold On!', MGM T-90646, Capitol Record Club - Mono (1965)
Isley Brothers, 'It's Our Thing', T-Neck TNS-3001 (1969)
Lovin' Spoonful, 'What's Up, Tiger Lily', Kama Sutra KLPS-8053, cutout (1966)
Sinatra, Frank, 'Strangers in the Night', Reprise FS-1017, Stereo (1966)
Soundtrack, 'Phantom of the Opera', Polydor 422-831273-1, 2-LP set (1987)
Wakeman, Rick, 'Criminal Record', A & M SP-4660 (1977)
Wakeman, Rick, 'Myths and Legends of King Arthur...', A & M SP-4515 (1975)
Wakeman, Rick, 'White Rock', A & M SP-4614 (1976)
Washington, Dinah, 'Dinah '62', Roulette R-25170 (1962)
Washington, Dinah, 'Echoes of An Era', Roulette RE-104 (1972)
Washington, Dinah, 'Late Late Show', Wing SRW-16140 (1962)
Washington, Dinah, 'This is My Story, Volume 2', Mercury MG-20789 (1963)
Washington, Dinah, 'Unforgettable', Mercury MG-20572 (1960)

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Post by Ernie11 » Sun Sep 28, 2014 6:33 pm

A few more I just donated:

Carpenters, 'Made in America', A & M SP-3723, DBX-encoded disc (1981)
Costello, Elvis, 'Armed Forces', Columbia JC-35709 (1978)
Cream, 'Disraeli Gears', Atco SD-33-232, Purple/Brown label (1967)
Goldsboro, Bobby, 'Honey', United Artists UAS-6642, with "Pledge of Love" LP title on label (1968)
Hunter, Tab, 'Tab Hunter', Warner W-1221, TOC (1958)
Legrand, Michel, 'Umbrellas of Cherbourg', Philips PCC-216 (1964)
Mamas and the Papas, 'Deliver', Dunhill DS-50014, Stereo - WOC, SOL (1967)
Moody Blues, 'In Search of the Lost Chord', Deram DES-18017
Parker, Charlie, 'Charlie Parker, Volume II', Everest FS-232 (1970)
Rodgers, Jimmie, 'His Golden Year', Roulette R-25057, seam split (1959)
Rogers, Roy/Evans, Dale, 'Christmas is Always', Capitol ST-2818 (1967)
Sands, Tommy, 'Steady Date', Capitol T-848 (1957)

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Post by Ernie11 » Sun Sep 28, 2014 8:27 pm

And a few more I donated today:

Booker and Foster, 'When You're in Love Whole World is Jewish', Kapp KRS-5506 (1966)
Cactus Jim & Wranglers, 'Western Christmas', Diplomat X-1017
Eddy, Duane, 'Twangsville', RCA LPM-3432 (1965)
Flint, Shelby, 'Cast Your Fate to the Wind', Valiant VLM-5003 (1966)
James, Sonny, 'It's Just a Matter of Time', Capitol ST-8-0432, Capitol Record Club issue (1970)
James, Sonny, 'Only the Lonely', Capitol ST-8-0193, Capitol Record Club issue (1969)
Olivier, Laurence, 'Christmas Carol', Spin-o-Rama XMK-4014
Owens, Buck, 'Buck Owens in London', Capitol ST-8-0232, Capitol Record Club (1969)
Paul, Les / Ford, Mary, 'The Hitmakers', Capitol T-416 (1955)
Phillips, Stu, 'Singin' Stu Phillips', RCA LPM-3619 (1966)
Pink Floyd, 'Dark Side of the Moon', Harvest SMAS-11163, with 2 posters; no inserts (1973)
Rivers, Johnny, 'At the Whiskey-A-Go-Go', Imperial LP-9264, Black, pink, white label (1964)
Robbins, Marty, 'Tonight Carmen', Columbia CS-9525 (1967)
Rockpile, 'Seconds of Pleasure', Columbia JC-36886 (1980)
Streisand, Barbra, 'Christmas Album', Columbia CS-9557, 1980's reissue
Summer, Donna, 'Cats Without Claws', Geffen GHS-24040, PROMO - QUIEX II vinyl (1984)
Tomlin, Lily, 'On Stage', Arista AB-4142 (1977)
Tuxedo Junction, 'Tuxedo Junction', Butterfly FLY 007, Gold vinyl (1977)
Various, '16 Golden Oldies, Volume 10', Trip TLP-8031 (1972)
Various, '1950's Rock & Roll Collection', Juke Box SQ-95717, 4-LP set
Various, 'Best From Buddah', Buddah BDS-5000 (1969)
Various, 'Laugh-In '69', Reprise RS-6335 (1969)
Various, 'Women of the Night', A & M SP 5220 (1988)
Wagoner, Porter, 'Porter Wagoner Show', RCA LPM-2650 (1963)

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Post by Ernie11 » Mon Sep 29, 2014 7:36 pm

And a few more:

Butler, Jerry, 'Golden Hits Live', Mercury SR-61151 (1968)
Clash, 'Give 'em Enough Rope', Columbia JE-35543, Blue label (1979)
Cook, Peter/Moore, Dudley, 'Good Evening', Island ILPS-9298 (1974)
Fogerty, John, 'Centerfield', Warner 1-25203, "Zanz Can't Danz" version (1985)
Mamas and the Papas, 'If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears', Dunhill D50006, Mono - black border LP cover (1966)
Mayall, John, 'Bare Wires', London PS-537 (1968)
Midnight Oil, 'Diesel and Dust', Columbia FC-40967, 1988 reissue
Murray the K, 'Gives you Their Favorite Golden Gassers', Scepter SPS-524 (1964)
Platters, 'Remember When?', Mercury SR-60087, scarcer Stereo (1959)
Presley, Elvis, 'Moody Blue', RCA AFL1-2428, Blue vinyl (1977)
Robbins, Marty, 'All-Time Greatest Hits', Columbia KG 31361 (1972)
Valli, Frankie, 'Frankie Valli Solo', Philips PHS 600-247 (1967)

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Post by Ernie11 » Wed Oct 08, 2014 9:26 am

I donated these today, should be out on their shelves within a few days.

Ferrante and Teicher, 'Listen to the Movies', United Artists ST-92041, Capitol Record Club issue (1969)
Ferrante and Teicher, 'You Asked For It!', United Artists T-90931, Capitol Record Club issue (1965)
Happenings / Tokens, 'Back to Back', B. T. Puppy BTPS 1002 (1967)
Lanchester, Elsa, 'Songs for a Shuttered Parlor', Hifi R406 (1958)
Lawrence, Steve, 'Best of Steve Lawrence', ABC-Paramount ST-90158, Capitol Record Club issue (1960)
Levant, Oscar, 'Oscar Levant Plays Liszt', Columbia ML-5094 (1955)
Paul, Les / Ford, Mary, 'Lover's Luau', Columbia CL-1276 (1959)
Prince, 'Around the World', Paisley/RCA R124370, RCA Record Club issue (1985)
Seeger, Pete, 'The World of Pete Seeger', Columbia CG-31949, 2-LP set (1972)
Smith, Carl, 'Country on My Mind', Columbia CS-9688, Stereo disk with mono cover (1968)
Yes, 'Relayer', Atlantic SD-18122 (1974)

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Post by Ernie11 » Fri Oct 10, 2014 4:29 pm

A few more I donated that should be out in the bins in a few days:

Coward, Noel, 'Noel Coward in Las Vegas', Columbia ML-5063 (1955)
Coward, Noel, 'Noel Coward in New York', Columbia ML-5163 (1957)
Coward, Noel, 'Noel Coward Sings His Score...', DRG SL 5718 (1977)
Coward, Noel/Lawrence, Gertrude, 'Noel and Gertie', RCA LCT-1156 (1955)
Culture Club, 'Kissing to Be Clever', Epic ARE-38398 (1982)
Garland, Judy, 'A Star is Born', Columbia BL-1201, box set (1954)
Garland, Judy, 'Alone', Capitol T-835 (1957)
Prince, 'Parade', Warner R140234, RCA Record Club issue (1986)
Rushing, Jimmy, 'Listen to the Blues', Vanguard SRV-73007 (1967)
Short, Bobby, 'Mad Twenties', Atlantic 1302, original Black label (1959)
Simon and Garfunkel, 'Bookends', Columbia KCS-9529, Stereo - w/shrink wrap, poster (1968)
Walker, Jerry Jeff, 'Mr. Bojangles', Atco SD-33-259, Stereo (1968)

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Post by Ernie11 » Mon Oct 13, 2014 9:12 pm

Donated these today:

Belafonte, Harry, 'Midnight Special', RCA LPM-2449, with Bob Dylan (1962)
Booker and Foster, 'Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts', Musicor MXS-3173 (1968)
Booker and Foster, 'New First Family', Verve V-15054, bb hole (1966)
Crew Cuts, 'Crew Cuts Sing', RCA LPM-2037 (1959)
Heston, Charlton, 'In the Beginning', Vanguard VRS-9060 (1960)
Heston, Charlton, 'Out of Egypt', Vanguard VRS-9061 (1960)
Rathbone, Basil, 'A Christmas Carol', Columbia HL-9523 (1960)
Rathbone, Basil, 'Peter and the Wolf', Columbia ML-4038
Rathbone, Basil, 'Reads Edgar Allen Poe, Volume 1', Caedmon TC-1028 (1971)
Various, 'Lincoln Treasury', Decca DL-9065, with Orson Welles / Burl Ives (1956)
Washington, Dinah, et al., 'Newport '58', Emarcy MG 36141 (1958)
Washington, Dinah, 'What a Diff'rence a Day Makes', Mercury MG-20479 (1960)

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Post by Ernie11 » Sun Nov 02, 2014 8:43 pm

This is not an album that I donated to this thrift store, just a note that they have a copy of John Fahey's Blind Joe Death album in a display case across from the cashier at the front of the store. I am not too familiar with this album, but I believe it is the 1967 version, and the album cover looks like this:
faheylp.jpg (37.07 KiB) Viewed 969 times

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