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Post by scatterplot » Thu Sep 15, 2011 2:44 pm

I've had a few colored vinyls, most notably for me Synergy-Cords(clear) and GFR-Were an American Band(orange). They are LOVELY to watch spin and sound equal to black. My only complaint is you cannot see the dust and dirt to clean them as well. Black provides the contrast to see dust and grunge. BTW, the "politically correct" term now is "vinyl of color".
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Post by ShadySam » Fri Sep 16, 2011 4:12 am

scatterplot wrote:BTW, the "politically correct" term now is "vinyl of color".
:lol: :lol:

good points scatter; I've had 'vinyl of color' which had phenomenal fidelity, but I never considered
your point of that wax being harder to observe dirt/dust on- very true, now that I think about it!
Don't think I've owned the first pic disc that had even half-ass fidelity...

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Post by Mikey » Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:37 am

Multi-coloured discs are pressed in the same manner as a single colour disc. It however requires using a number of extruders (the machine that melts down the vinyl granules to make a nice hot blob of vinyl - the "puck"). If you have three extruders available, you run each one with a different colour and then take 1/3rd of the required vinyl from each of the three extruders to make the "puck" which then gets pressed. Imagine getting three different colours of plasticine and making a ball, then squashing that ball. This can only be made with a manual press.

Marble vinyl is made by mixing a number of different coloured vinyl granules in one extruder. The colours do indeed mix and this is what gives the "marble" effect. This can be made on an automatic or manual press.

Splatter vinyl is made by adding a small handful of vinyl granules to the vinyl puck (which may be one colour or a colour mix). This can only be done on a manual press and is oftern done with cold vinyl granules. Pressing even small pellets of cold hard vinyl can damage the grooves of the stamper (which shows up on the records) or cause "non-fill" (grooves that havent formed properly). We did this hesitantly a number of times with excellent results but in theory it is prone to famage the stampers.

Teldec Germany (who later became Warner Music Manufacturing Europe) made the best splatter vinyl ever. See the Flaming Groovies album on the Teldec label. A precision plant of this calibre would have done more than just throw a small handful of cold coloured vinyl granules onto the puck as it was about to be pressed.

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Colored/Black play the same. Picture Discs for Display only

Post by BlondieNoDoubtFan94 » Fri Apr 20, 2012 5:04 pm

I'm a Newer Collector at 18 but I would have to agree that Colored and Regular Black Vinyl Play the Same. Now Picture Discs I've Found are basically just for display only as the quality is Far Inferior to normal Vinyl.

For Example, I have No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom on Purple Vinyl and No Doubt's Don't Speak on a Picture disc 45. Don't Speak on the Purple Vinyl plays Great while the Picture Disc version is of a lot less quality and sounds more like a warped cassette.

Picture Discs are Cool to own as Collectibles but are not really made to be played!

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