Rage Against the Machine "Wake Up"

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Rage Against the Machine "Wake Up"

Post by vinylunderground.com » Wed May 16, 2018 1:30 pm

Hey all,

I wanted to ask the experts here, if anyone has ever seen another disc like this. It is a one sided disc that contains the song "Wake Up" by Rage. There is nothing else written on the disc other than what you see here.

http://vinylunderground.com/2018/02/27/ ... e-wake-up/


Jeff Bender

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Re: Rage Against the Machine "Wake Up"

Post by The Curator » Sun May 20, 2018 11:23 am

Mysterious. You'll no doubt have checked already but there's no mention of this release on Discogs and the Wiki entry claims that "Wake Up" was never released as a single. At first I wondered if this was a Record Store Day release but I can't find any reference there either.

I wish I was good with font names to make this next bit clearer. It's curious that although the words "The Matrix" are printed on the disc as per the official artwork logo on all the related commercial releases (eg DVD and soundtrack), the font for the words "rage against the machine", while possibly intended to look like that used on the band's first album isn't actually the same on this disc. For example the letter "g" doesn't have a circular tail on the wording on the disc whereas the band's artwork does.

Staying with that "g" as an example, nor does it seem to match the font on the cover of my copy of The Matrix DVD. Nor can I see an obvious match for the font of the words "Wake Up" on either my DVD or Rage... releases.

More questions and no answers I'm afraid :? But I guess this is part of the fun :)

Your website is fascinating. Nice work !

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