Level "1 - 5" and higher rankings.

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Level "1 - 5" and higher rankings.

Post by cutter » Mon Apr 01, 2002 2:55 am

The level "1" through "5" ratings, indicates the number of posts a registered member has made.

The quantities for each level is as follows:

Level "1" Image 1 - 4 posts
Level "2" Image 5 - 24 posts
Level "3" Image 25 - 49 posts
Level "4" Image 50 - 99 posts
Level "5" Image 100 - posts

Anyone reaching the "Level 5" status, should be considered a "Member in High Standing".

Senior Member...This title is bestowed upon a member that has reached a higher level of participation within our community. It is not indicative of age or "frame of mind". But simply of an advanced knowledge of record collecting and maintains a helpful attitude towards his or her fellow collector. "Senior Member" will display a button. The "top posting" Senior Member will display the same Senior Member button along with a second button indicating the special status.

The highest level is Senior Member "with Recognition". This member has displayed the same characteristics as before, but is now recognized by the Record Collectors Guild, as an authority in the area of record collecting. This member displays a Senior Member button with a "gold medal" affixed.

The level of "Senior Member with Recognition" is bestowed by the Record Collectors Guild, upon any member that has reached the "1000" post mark(can be waived by the Administrator in unique situations) and has been certified by the boards Administrator, Moderators and others, as a member with an advanced technical and overall knowledge of records. Certification is attained after a review of the members 1000 posts by the Guild's officials. Based upon this review, a determination will then be made.

Image Senior Member
Image Top Posting Senior Member
Image Senior Member with Recognition
Image Moderator/Senior Member with Recognition

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