Copyright Infringement and Fair Use

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Copyright Infringement and Fair Use

Post by cutter » Fri Aug 19, 2005 1:24 pm

Hello all,

As a non-profit organization of international record collectors and dealers, our primary mission is to promote record collecting and for the betterment of record collecting as a whole.

Within these pages and throughout the message board. One will find information and images that are transmitted or posted as methods to inform and educate our many members and guests. We do not distribute said information or images in order to infringe on any trademarks or on the copyrights of others.

For guidelines about usage, we refer to legislation and laws governing use under the title of "Fair Use".

For more information about Fair Use and Copyright Infringement, please visit the following pages.

The Stanford University Library:

U.S. Copyright Office:

Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia:

Should there be a situation where the owner of a copyrighted material feels that he/she has been infringed upon by information or images contained within the pages or message board of the Record Collectors Guild. We request that he/she contact the Record Collectors Guild immediately, so that we may resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

For any further questions or comments on this issue. Feel free to contact the Record Collectors Guild at .
Image .... for the betterment of record collecting

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