Not the best way to sell Elvis Sun 45s?

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Post by sun-rocker » Sat Aug 04, 2012 1:33 pm

Had some of the Mariano Elvis Sun repros / bootlegs - they had "issued 1972" in the deadwax.

The reason for the high price could be that the Mariano Repros are made from SUN originals - so these repros have the original SUN sound like the originals.

RCA remixed the SUN recordings and they sound slightly different.

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Post by wurlitzer1450 » Sat Aug 04, 2012 10:24 pm

in the 80s people would try and grind or polish out the "issued in 1972" in the dead wax and bring them to my record shops to try and sell them as originals. at one time i stocked these very 45s in my reissue section for 5 dollars. i can't remember what distributor i got them from. i used to stock hundreds of reissue, repressed, probably even ones that were boots as us 45 collectors still call them. i got most of them from lost nite/gotham which did legal re-pressings and even paid the artist royalties on the sales. once when i asked my contact at gotham if they actually paid any royalties he told me some of the checks they sent out were only for pennies because some of the 45s they had pressed only sold a very few. i can believe that because they had some pretty obscure R&B stuff back then.

the coolest E sun boots i ever had were these colored vinyl eps i got from a guy in KC, they were beautiful, had stiff cardboard covers and the labels looked perfect. there's something about the contrast of the yellow sun label with colored vinyl that really sets them off.
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