What can be done about this???

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RE: What can be done abouy this???

Post by slyfox » Sat Mar 03, 2012 8:50 pm

There is no doubt that Paxton had his outrageous moments - from his own account he probably dropped five or six figures on drugs/booze. When I speak to him, his attitude is pretty low-key, almost whimsical over his L.A. recording experiences, good and bad. I'm sure he could have been whining, but wonder when Nelson last spoke with him.

As I have no way of reaching her, could you contact me off-group to give me a way of reaching Toni Kavelin?



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What can be done about this???

Post by Heidler » Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:48 pm


I'm not sure when Sandy Nelson last saw or spoke with Gary Paxton, but he sure sat in on a lot of his sessions ( and productions )
at various studios ( including Paxton's own ) and labels ( again, including Paxton's own and co-owned labels )

Jim Lee: ( Indigo Records and co-founder of Monogram Records )

" Gary's a strange bird, I wouldn't go as far as " genius " but very creative "
" He's struggled, then he's blown it, then struggled some more, he never gives up "
" I admire him because of his big Bobby Pickett hit, he took that master to EVERYBODY and NOBODY would touch it, so he got some finances together and started Garpax, I think it was, because he and Kim ( Fowley ) were always starting labels "
" London ( Records ) wouldn't even talk to him, then when it started selling, they come to his door with hat-in-hand asking for it "
( Distribution and later, ownership )
" I remember Gary telling me his " office " used to be a phone booth up at the Mobil station on Lankershim by Universal "*
(* another story is the Chevron station at Sunset & Argyle )
" Him and Dallas Frazier even had some business cards printed up with that number " **
(** yet another story is that this partnership was Kim Fowley and Gary )
" Dave Burgess told me he used to see them around there when he stopped for gas "
" I've got one ( business card ) around here somewhere, I know I have it "

The last time I spoke with Sandy was in Santa Monica ( his hometown ) at the Brass Bell on Broadway, where he played for several years,
at times, with a small combo ( without the over-dubbed drumming! )

An outstanding source of information, Sandy's a walking encyclopedia of Los Angeles popular music history, though he did say that he
" played on so many, I forget some of them, unless somebody reminds me "
Great stories about so many, and so much.

I know that he moved to the high desert ( strange for a guy from Santa Monica ) and a few years later, I SAW him again in a beer-bar
( not playing ) near Tehachapi when I was living at Bear Valley Springs.
( he became a non-drinker )
I understand he lives in Nevada now ( he must like the ruddy deserts! )

Of most all the people I have ever met, connected with the music / record business, Sandy ( Sander ) Nelson is one of the nicest,
most candid and honest people of that group, and that itself, says a good deal about him.

I'll look in the file and send you a P.M. on Toni Kavelin.

Thanks for all your inputs.

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Post by recordfan » Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:06 am

From what I remember, KRLA was the surf record station for LA. They were the one's that played the Eddie and the Showmen records. I don't think KFWB ever played those. Also, Reb Foster was a dj at KRLA and I'm pretty sure that "Mr Rebel" had something to do with him.

Talking about newspaper delivering. Ted Quillan lived around the block from me and I delivered the Herald Examiner to him when I had my paper route.

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What can be don about this ???

Post by Heidler » Sat Mar 10, 2012 9:37 am


It should be YOU writing a book !

What GREAT memories you have and passed them on to us in the form of very good information!

Eddie & The Showmen were formed by ex Bel-Air Eddie Bertrand and INDEED " Mr. Rebel " was about the one and only Reb Foster.
( although associated with KRLA for so many years ( first from 1962-1965 ) he did go over to KFWB in 1965-1966 and an afternoon drive slot )

It was " Reb " along with The Police Protective Association that used to present the band at the Retail Clerks Hall in Buena Park.
Later, they also played the Hollywood Bowl ( with Eddie's idol Duane Eddy )
With The Bel-Airs, Eddie also played the Rendezvous Ballroom ( later " home " to Dick Dale )

Hearing " Mr. Motto " ( Arvee 5034 ) noted Malbu surfer Lance Carson is credited with saying: " That sounds like " surf music "

" Movin " b/ w " Mr. Rebel " was among five singles released by Liberty ( 55659 )
The band broke-up before an LP for the label could be completed.

Eddie's still around, still plays, still gigs.

Rebel Foster was well qualified to come to KRLA.
He'd also been in San Francisco ( KYA ) Portland ( KISN ) and Cleveland ( KYW )

He was a partner in several clubs, including the " Cinanmon Cinder(s) "

In the mid-to-late 1960s, he co-managed ( or managed ) groups such as Three Dog Night, The Turtles, and Steppinwolf among them.

When I last heard of him ( through Jim Pewter ) Reb was in Amarillo, Texas and that was in the 1980s.

GREAT information recordfan, keep posting!

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