Don't operate your turntable without . . .

Display pictures of interesting, unique and rare vinyl record-related items, that do not meet the criteria for inclusion in the other galleries. As a courtesy, provide as much information about your items as possible. <B>Please</B>, no buying or selling of items here.
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Don't operate your turntable without . . .

Post by B_big. » Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:10 pm

( ( ( ( ( ((((((( ..Image

  • I wanna share a gift with you, I got from Marci my love for St Nicholas' Day.

    It's a floor mat for my music room, nobody should operate his turntable, if he didn't stand on such a goody!! I placed it in front of my turntable in my little music room.

    • . Image

    It's cool, isn't? These are the things, that make me love her a little more each time she does these things, even after 21 years of marriage!! . Image
. Image
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