Genuine English prog/psych rock from the early '70s

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Genuine English prog/psych rock from the early '70s

Post by B_big. » Sun Jun 11, 2017 2:46 pm

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  • Please allow me to introduce one of my "all time greatest" English prog rock/psychedelic rock band to you:
    • Help Yourself
    • 'The Return of Ken Whaley' . (UK - United Artists - UAS-29487, 1973)

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    It's their fourth album, the album, which came with a free 12" album ('Happy Days' - The Happy Daze Crew, FREE1, 1973). I haven't done the image editing yet, so please be patient, I promise, I will post it as soon, as I've finished the work.
    Both are really high class genuine albums, worth to snatch them if you see one.
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