The Four Hollidays 45 RPM US Discography

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The Four Hollidays 45 RPM US Discography

Post by rooster » Sat Mar 24, 2018 5:55 am

The Four Hollidays 45 RPM US Discography

There were many groups named "The Holidays" or some variation on that name. This group was named "The Four Hollidays" (or in one case, "The 4 Hollidays"). Notice the spelling of "Hollidays" with two L's. So This group is NOT any of the various groups named "The Holidays" (with one L). They are also NOT Dug Stover And The Hollidays on the Zip label (1956), The Hollidays on the Prep label (1958), The Hollidays And The Blazers Band on the Lyons label (1961) or The Hollidays on the Groove City label (1968).

This group of Hollidays formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1956 as The Fresando's. Their first forays in professional singing came as back up singers in the various small recording studios in Detroit.

Dash 777
Baby Sitter's Blues/Teen Age Heart; 1956
Bunny Paul
(The Fresando's are the uncredited back up group on the "A" side. There is no vocal group involvement on the "B" side. There are, no doubt, other Fresando's back up jobs but I have no info on them. Anyone with any info is encouraged to post ).

Star-X 501
I Mean Really/Your Last Goodbye; 1957
The Fresando's with Eddie Bartell And His Dukes Of Rhythm
(This record was also issued as a 78 RPM disc. Both sides of this record are by The Fresando's with Eddie Bartell And His Dukes Of Rhythm and are so credited on the 78. The 45, however only credits The Fresando's on the "B" side).

Bumble Bee 502
We Are Like One/Cheap Scate;1958
The Five Masters
(The Fresando's Star-X release went nowhere and the group decides to change their name to The Five Masters. At about the same time, they met Robert West. In addition to Bumble Bee, West owned a number of labels in Detroit, among them, Flick, Kudo, Contour and most famously, Lu Pine. When this release also fails to make an impact, three members of The Fresandos/Five Masters, brothers Robert and Sonny Barksdale and Jimmy Holland decide to join the U.S. Army and the group breaks up in 1959.

Markie 109
Grandma Bird/Step By Step; 1963
The Four Hollidays
(When Jimmy Holland and the Barksdale brothers were released from their military commitment, they decided to form a new group with Johnny Mitchell [former vocalist with the Majestics from Detroit who recorded for the Robert West owned Contour and Chex labels]. They named the new group, The Four Hollidays. Although they were all from Detroit, they decided to go to Chicago to audition for Vee Jay and Chess. Before they got a chance to audition for either of the aforementioned labels, they met up with Andre Williams, who took them to Lenny Luffman. Luffman was the owner of a new label, Markie. He liked the group and signed them. The "A" side was intended to cash in on the dance craze market, but the "B" side got most of the radio airplay. The record was reasonably popular, but never made the charts.)

Markie 115
I Can't Wait/I'll Walk Right Out The Door; 1964
The Four Hollidays
(Both sides of this record were produced by Andre Williams. Interestingly, while I Can't Wait is the "A" side, promos of this record appear to promote the "B" side.)

Master 3001/3002
Deep Down In My Heart/He Can't Love You; 1964
The 4 Holliday's
(The catalog number of the "A" side is 3001. The "B" side is 3002. The group is credited as "The 4 Hollidays". The group leaves the Markie label and finds Detroit businessman Ron Holmes who starts up the Master label to release this 45. The new label had no distribution and so the record made no impact. Johnny Mitchell left the group after this release.)

Holliday 1001
Set Me On my Feet Right/Happy Young Man; 1965
The Hollidays
(Johnny Mitchell left the Hollidays to rejoin the reformed Majestics who signed with Motown and were renamed " The Monitors". He was replaced by James Shorter. The Hollidays decided to strike out on their own and started the Holliday Recording Company/Holliday label and released this 45. Unfortunately, the group had no expertise in distribution or promotion and this record, while well done, stiffed. This turned out to spell the end for The Four Hollidays. The Barksdale brothers left music entirely. James Shorter signed as a solo artist with the LA Beat label. Jimmy Holland released several records on the Syco and Blue Rock labels.)
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