Juveniles/Twilights/Embers US 45 Discography

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Juveniles/Twilights/Embers US 45 Discography

Post by rooster » Sun Jun 08, 2014 2:06 am

Juveniles/Twilights/Embers US 45 Discography

The Juveniles began singing together sometime in 1954 in The Bronx, NYC and by 1955 they had decided to get serious about music and choose a group name. They decided upon "The Juveniles" because three members had been members of street gangs (ie: Juvenile Delinquents). They sang anywhere they could (usually unpaid) and practised often according to various group members. Two years later they met Al Silverman who had some connection to Morris Janov's Mode Records in Hollywood, California. He offered to pay for their recording session and become their manager.

Mode 1

Beat In My Heart/I've Lied; 1957
The Juveniles

(The recording session only produced these two tracks. The backing band was a group from New Jersey, who later gained some fame of their own as The Al Caiola Band. Note that first pressing labels credit "The Juveniles with Inst. Acc.". Second and subsequent pressings credit "The Juveniles with The Al Caiola Band". Both sides of the record did well in NYC and the group got to sing live on television and radio in the area. Even though the group got some work behind this record they felt that the Mode label wasn't promoting them very well and they decided to find a new label. They also decided to change their name to "The Twilights". According to group members lead singer marilyn Durant's mother introduced them to a man who had some connection to the Shirelles mangement and even brought a demo of "I Met Him On A Sunday" (before it had been released by the Shirelles) for them to practice. After listening to them he decided that he only wanted to sign Marilyn Durant. The group was of mixed ethnicity and there were concerns about how the group woud do. Marilyn Durant turned down the offer. The Group likewise turned down offers from both the Columbia and United Artists labels for the same reasons).

Finesse 1717

My Heart Belongs Only To You/Oh Baby Love; 1959
The Twilights

(The Twilights then met Gene Malis and his wife Jody Cameron who owned the Finesse label and they agreed to record them and become the group's new managers. Due to internal strife within the group, both lead singer Marilyn Durant and Bass, Larry Peters left the group. The remaining group members recruited two new singers and contiued by cutting this record).

Empress 101

Solitaire/I'm Feeling Alright Again; 1961
The Embers

(The Finesse label went out of business in 1959. The Malis' formed a new label, Valmor. The Twilights changed their name to "The Embers" and signed with the Empress label, a subsidiary of Valmor. "Solitaire" did well locally in NYC, but never broke out).

Empress 104

I Won't Cry Anymore/I Was Too Careful; 1961
The Embers

Countesss 113

I Was Too Careful/Temptation; 1962
Maria Elena And The Twilights

(This record had been recorded back in 1959 for the Finesse label, but remained unreleased until 1962. This is the Twilights/Embers backing up Maria Elena. "I Was Too Careful" IS the same song as on the previous record, but NOT the same version.).

Empress 107

Abigail/I Was Too Careful; 1962
The Embers

(The Embers last Empress label release faded without a trace.)

Smash 1846

But Beautiful/You've Been Away Too Long; 1963
The Four Embers

(Pete Reyes, The Embers' Bass vocalist, leaves the group and they continue as a quartet calling themselves "The Four Embers". The Empress label was almost out of business. The Malis' send the group to Wally Zober, record producer, who has them record these two songs which he gets the Smash label to release. The record stiffs and at this point the group decides to break up the Embers).
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