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As we conclude...

1960s Label
Flint, Michigan
Distributed out of Detroit
* Not affiliated with any other like-named labels

1960s Label
* Not affiliated with any other like-named labels

Note: Two acts recorded for this Detroit-based imprint: Gary Dean and the group Chicago Fire

1950s Label
Owner: Monroe Horn
c/o: Horn's Record Shop
1135 Westminster

Note: The Fascinators* recorded for this imprint ( not to be confused with other like-named groups out of Detroit, including the group on BOMBAY Records )

The group on YOUR COPY consisted of: Donald Blackshear, Jerry Potter, Earl Richardson, Bob Rivers, and Clarence Smith.
This group on YOUR COPY were backed by The Baseliners Band ( often un-credited on the original labels )

Several of their original releases* on YOUR COPY are highly sought-after, and even SOME of their now " re-pros " can be expensive.
* Please be advised, this group's records are some of the most heavily ' boot-legged ' discs out of Detroit.

1970s Label
Owner: Johnny Burt
( Refer also to: Cherokee* )
* Not affiliated with any other like-named labels

Note: Only one act - " Jonab " - recorded for this imprint ( David Austin recorded for sister-label Cherokee )

1970s label

Note: One act - " Masterpiece " - recorded for this imprint

1950s Label ( 1959 )

Note: Mike Powers recorded for this imprint. He also had output for FONTAINE and FOX* ( * Not affiliated with any other like-named labels )

1970s Label

1960s Label
* Not affiliated with any other like-named labels

Note: Dusty Wilson recorded for this imprint. In addition, he had been the lead-singer of The Tomangoes a ' studio ' unit ( who were more famous for recording over a Bob Seger track, then releasing it as " I Really Love You " )

For ZEBRA, he was backed by The Subjects

Dusty also recorded for BRONSE* ( as spelled on labels ) - JUDAS* - and ORBIT* and as Dusty Wilson and The Corals on MUTT*
* Not affiliated with any other like-named labels

1960s Label
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Distributed out of Detroit
* Not affiliated with any other like-named labels

Note: This unit of " The Creations " is / was in-fact also known as Al Green and The Soul Mates ( for Hot Line Music Journal )

THIS group consisted of Al Green(e) Palmer James, Gene Mason, Curtis Rogers, and Lee Virgis ( there were other group-member changes along the way )

The " other " Creations that recorded also recorded for ZODIAC**, but this was a Chicago-based imprint, with producer Ric Willams ( they also recorded for Globe* )
* Not affiliated with any other like-named labels

And now...for some embellishment...

** Because members of the OTHER Creations group had spent the night at producer Williams' apartment, and despite his warnings, they left the air conditioner on over-night.
In doing so, the next morning when they went in to record, they all had sore throats, so Ric Williams brought in the " Brothers Of Soul " and entirely different group who then recorded the classic " Footsteps " under the name of The Creations!

So, we've come to the end of our Detroit ( and some Michigan ) labels-journey.

At this point, I would like to thank E.J. Rothstein, who was born and raised in Detroit, worked in record shops, for a record distributor, and eventually on the radio, and is an avid collector of recordings from that area.

In 1980, he left Detroit ( " for good " ) and moved to Oceanside, California.

Again, I want to say thank you to him, for all of those sunny days we spent on my deck, and his patience for permitting me to take notes as we discussed all he could remember about those days in Detroit ( he was born there in 1949 )

Those were great days!

Time permitting, I will close out with:

" Almost All Of Them Abandoned Him " ( for sure )

Thank you for allowing me to post this long-winded labels saga.
( Really wish I could have done Seattle....Most interesting! )

Thank you.

The best part of the the night...

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