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As we continue...

WHAT NOW ( no question marks on the labels )
1960s Label
( Refer also to L.B.J. )

Note: The act " Mixed Generation " recorded for this imprint

1960s Label
( Refer also to Mah's )

Note: There were eight acts that recorded for this small imprint

1980s Label ( 1985 )
10550 West 8 Mile
Ferndale, Michigan

Note: Ferndale is part of the Detroit metropolitan area

1965-1984 Label
Owner: Will Hatcher
2828 McGraw

Note: In addition to only one other act ( Deliance ) Will Hatcher also recorded for this, his own imprint, as well as some larger, more familiar imprints.
Yet another well-known name around Detroit, his brother recorded and performed as " Little Roger Hatcher "
Will is also cousin to another better-known Hatcher, Charles, who recorded under the name of Edwin Starr ( died: 02-April-2003 )
Like so many other artists, Will recorded under various names:
Willie Hatcher ( Columbia and Cotillion ) and William Hatcher ( Joi ) and he also had releases for King, Excello, Thelma, and Wand.
Most of the production for these larger labels was done in Detroit, for example, according to master tape boxes, his output for New York City-based WAND (# 11286 ) was done at PAC 3 Studio ( 7106 Greenfield, Detroit )

WHIP* ( Part of Ram Brock )
1960s Label
Owners: Sonny Marshall and ' Diamond ' Jim Riley
( Refer also to: Dotty's and Star Track )
* Not affiliated with any other like-named labels including those based in California, New York, and Texas, nor any others

1960s Label
Owner: Walter Whizenhunt

Note: Gloria Taylor ( aka: Gloria Ann Taylor ) recorded for this imprint.
In addition, like many other Detroit-based artists, she recorded for many small imprints including: King Soul, House Guests, and Silver Fox.
On one Selector Sound single, she is listed as Gloria Ann Taylor.
She also had output for the larger Chicago-based Mercury Records in 1970 ( # 73137 and # 73186 ) and Columbia in 1973 ( # 45986 ) and SSS International in 1976 ( # 408 )

1970s Label

Note: This Citations also recorded for RED LINE the label that released their 1977 classic: " Inspiration Of My Life " b/w " We've Come A Long Way " is considered very " valuable " by collectors ( Red Line # 02 )
The rest of their releases do not seem to command the same amounts.
( Not to be confused with another Detroit act: " The Cytations " )

1980s Label
P.O. BOx 244
Flat Rock, Michigan
Distributed out of Detroit

Note: An act by the name of John Goodwine ( owner ? ) recorded for this small imprint

1980s Label ( 1989 )
Southfield, Michigan
Distributed out of Detroit

Note: The Velvet Touch recorded for this imprint, and their " Don't Let Me Down " b/w " Mystery Lady " ( # 71122 ) is highly-prized among collectors*
* Pleased be advised, this record has been heavily ' boot-legged '

1960s Label
Owner: Ed Wingate

Note: Although part of GOLDEN WORLD, and with over fifteen acts on the roster, this label { Wingate } was not as successful as it's 'sister ' label ( nor associated label Ric-Tic )
Mister Wingate is discussed at some length elsewhere within this thread.

1970s Gospel Label
P.O. Box 1063 A

Note: The one act on this imprint....The Winstonaires

1960s Gospel Label
* Not affiliated with any other like-named labels

1960s Label ( 1968 )
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Distributed out of Detroit*
( Refer also to: Hot Line Music Journal* )
* Labels later distributed, then ' absorbed ' into Bell Records ( New York City )

Note: " Peoples Choice " also recorded for Wood City

1970s Label
Owner: Woody Wilson
( Refer also to: Effie and Fee* )
* Not affiliated with any other like-named labels

1980s label
Owner: Dennis Gannage

Note: One act know as " Lordz " recorded for this imprint

{ Ende }

Next: " DETROIT-X-Y-Z "

Thank you.

The best part of the the night...

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Post by wurlitzer1450 » Tue Mar 11, 2014 3:25 pm

great reading Heidler, i'm going up north to look at a record collection tomorrow but when i return to near the little town of nervous, new mexico i'll try and post a motown story about the early days.
near the little town of nervous, new mexico

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