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As we continue...

1960s Label
Owner: Forest Hariston
11625 Dexter
( Refer also to: Chex* and Volume* )
* Became part of Viney

Note: This imprint was established to release material by label-owner Forest Hariston

1980s Label ( 1980-1981 )
Owner: Clarence Rome Jr ( Files indicate Mister Rome was co-owner )
P.O. Box 1580

1980s ' Funk ' Label ( 1988 )
* Not affiliated with any other like-named labels including the VISTA imprint from the Disney family of labels ( Buena Vista, Vista, Disney, Disneyland, Disneyworld, Walt Disney Records, etc, etc, etc )

VOC RECORDS ( as on the labels )
1960s Gospel Label

1960s Label
Owner: Willie 'T' ( Tony ) Ewing
* Not affiliated with any other like-named labels

* Mister Ewing owned several imprints and played an important part in the early days of the Detroit popular-music scene.
He had also been a group-member with " Tony and The Technics " and " The Four ( or 4 ) Voices " who recorded for Voice.

1960s Label
* Not associated with any other like-named labels

Note: During it's short ' history' THIS label was affiliated with Chex and Volume Records

1980s Label
1060 Lakewood Street

Note: Freddy Butler recorded for this imprint

1950s Label
Owner: Joe ( Van or Von ) Battle
8434 12th Street
* Not affiliated with any other like-named labels
( Refer also to JVB { only } )

Note: Another very important small imprint, with over two-dozen acts on the roster.
Mister Battle had left his long-time shop / ' studio ' on Hastings ( 3530 ) and moved to 12th.
This premises ( along with many others ) was burned-to-the-ground during the Detroit " riots " of 1967.

Darryl Battle: ( Detroit, Motown, and the end )

Berry Gordy used to come into the shop and talk with my father, he ( Gordy ) was just setting up Hitsville over on the boulevard ( West Grand )

" Some of the early stars like Mary Wells used to come in and listen to records "
" He ( Battle ) liked her, but he didn't think much of the new sounds, or Gordy.

The End: ( Riots of 1967 )

" My father lost everything "
" I used to run the shop for him, my sister worked there too, so I know what was in there, all of those master tapes and the other demo tapes ( the ) equipment, all of those acetates were ruined, melted, water-damaged, some of those ( tapes ) were never pressed into records, so what was there, disappeared forever "
" Some people even tried to get the cash register, the whole thing was a mess "
" My father passed in 1973, but I think he really died in 1967 "
" He was never the same man after that "

1970s Label ( 1970 )
12373 Washburn
* Not affiliated with any other like-named labels

1979-1980 Label
17233 10 Mile Road
Southfield, Michigan
Distributed out of Detroit

{ Ende }

Next: " DETROIT W-1 "

Thank you.

The best part of the the night...

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