The Aladdins US 45 Discography

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The Aladdins US 45 Discography

Post by rooster » Fri Feb 23, 2018 8:37 am

The Aladdins were originally formed as "The Capris" in San Diego, CA by two brothers, 2nd Tenor Ted and Baritone, Alfred Harper. They recruited two friends, Eddie Williams (Lead Tenor) and Gaylord Green (Bass), in 1953. The group's initial break came through a third Harper Brother, Reginald, who managed a local theater. He helped facilitate appearances at weekly amateur shows held at the theater and hosted by Los Angeles DJ Hunter Hancock. Their second (and biggest) break came when band leader/music impresario, Johnny Otis heard them perform at one such amateur show. Otis was impressed and brought the group onto his Johnny Otis Show complex. The group (as "The Capris") toured with The Johnny Otis Show for about a year. In 1954, Otis introduced them to Eddie Mesner, owner of the Aladdin label for whom they auditioned. Mesner liked what he heard and signed the group. He also renamed them The Aladdins, after his label.

Aladdin 3275
Remember/Cry Baby Cry; 1955
(" Remember" did well in NYC. In particular the song reportedly sold very well uptown in Harlem. It did not however have any chart action).

Aladdin 3298
I Had A Dream Last Night/Get Off My Feet; 1955
The Aladdin's

Aladdin 3314
All Of My Life/So Long, Farewell, Bye Bye
The Aladdin's
(None of The Aladdins' singles made any real impact, though they were very well done. The group broke up in late 1956.)

Of the members of The Aladdins, Teddy Harper joined The Penguins through 1962. In 1965, he became a members of Cornel Gunter's Coasters and stayed until his death in 1985. Eddie Williams joined The Colts (of "Adorable" fame). The Colts were managed by Buck Ram. Ram owned the name "The Colts" and when the group quit Ram they renamed themselves "The Fortunes" for a couple of releases on the Decca label. In 1959, Williams joined The Hollywood Flames for their Atco label releases through late 1960.
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Re: The Aladdins US 45 Discography

Post by wurlitzer1450 » Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:06 am

great read rooster
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