The Starlets/Angels/Halos US 45 Discography

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The Starlets/Angels/Halos US 45 Discography

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The Starlets/Angels/Halos US 45 Discography

The US girl group, The Angels began life as The Starlets in 1960 in Orange NJ. Sisters Phyllis and Barbara Allbut got together with Linda Malzone and Bernadette Carroll and formed a singing group. They named themselves "The Starlets". Bernadette Carroll introduced them to Tom DeCillis who became their producer. DeCillis had the group record their first session.

Astro 202/203
P.S. I Love You/Where Is My Love Tonight; 1960
The Starlets
(The "A" side is cat. no. 202, the "B" side, is cat. no. 203. The "A" side reached #106 on the Billboard charts. Bernadette Carroll left the group after this release and The Starlets continued as a trio.)

Astro 204/205
Romeo And Juliet/Listen For A Lonely Tambourine; 1960
The Starlets
(The "A" side is cat. no. 204, the "B" side is cat. no. 205. Linda Malzone leaves the group after This Release. Tom DeCillis also gives up any connection with the group and takes Bernadette Carroll with him. Linda Malzone is replaced by Linda Jankowski. During The Starlets Time on the Astro label, they provided back up vocals to many local New Jersey artists.)

At this point, The Starlets break up due to a lack of sales. The Allbut sisters continue doing back up vocal session work. In addition both sisters go to school; Phyllis enrolls in a teacher's college and Barbara is accepted to Julliard. Through their session work, they were introduced to Gerry Granahan, former singer with Dickey Doo And The Don'ts and part owner of the Caprice label. The Allbut sisters and Linda Jankowski auditioned by singing "'Til". Granahan decided to get the group in the studio.

Caprice 107
'Til/A Moment Ago; 1961
The Angels
('Til reaches #14 on the Billboard Pop charts. Some pressings have the song "Cottonfields" mistakenly pressed on the " B" side but the labels read "A Moment Ago".)

Caprice 112
Cry Baby Cry/That's All I Ask Of You; 1962
The Angels
(Cry Baby Cry got to #38 on the Billboard Pop Charts.)

Caprice 116
Everybody Loves A Lover/Blow Joe; 1962
The Angels
.(Everybody Loves A Lover reached #103 on the Billboard Pop Charts.)

Caprice 118
You Should Have Told Me/I'd Be Good For You; 1962
The Angels

Caprice 121
Cottonfields/Irresistible; 1962
The Angels
(This single contains the mistakenly pressed " Cottonfields" from the first Caprice single and the "B" side of the same record. After this release, Linda Jankowski leaves the group and is replaced by Peggy Santiglia, Formerly of the New Jersey based Doo Wop/Girl Group, The Delicates [best known, perhaps, for their 1959 song, "Black And White Thunderbird"]. There is apparently another 45 release as Caprice 121 with " A Moment Ago" backed with "Cottonfields". In addition, there was a release on the Ascot label [cat. no. 2139] which seems to be a straight reissue of this record. All three singles were released in 1963.)

Smash 1834
My Boyfriend's Back/(Love Me)Now; 1963
The Angels
(The Caprice label went inactive around this time and The Angels career as a recording entity became dormant for a short time. They were however still active doing session and demo work for other artists. "My Boyfriend's Back" was one such demo [originally intended for The Shirelles] recorded for the songwriting/production team, Feldman, Goldstein & Gottehrer. They took the demo and The Angels to the Mercury label. The powers that be at Mercury signed the group and placed them on their Smash subsidiary. "My Boyfriend's Back" rose to #1 on the Pop charts and #2 on the R&B charts.)

Smash 1854
I Adore Him/Thank You And Goodnight; 1963
The Angels
(The " A" side reached #25 on the Billboard Pop charts and #13 on the R&B charts. The "B" side got to #84 Pop. This was The Angels last Top 40 hit.)

Smash 1870
Wow Wow Wee(He's The Boy For Me)/Snowflakes And Teardrops; 1964
The Angels
("Wow Wow Wee" got to #41 on Billboards Pop charts)

Smash 1885
Little Beatle Boy/Java; 1964
The Angels

Smash 1915
Dream Boy/Jamaica Joe; 1964
The Angels

Smash 1931
The Boy From 'Cross Town/World Without Love; 1964
The Angels
(The three previous singles made no impact whatsoever in the changing musical landscape of the mid 1960's and The Angels contract with Mercury/Smash was coming to an end. Peggy Santiglia left the group for solo and session work. She was replaced by Toni Mason. The Allbut sisters decide to pursue a Pop/Lounge direction and to play nightclub gigs. They also decided a group name change was in order. They became "The Halos".

Swan 4192
Love Love (That's All I Want From You)/I'm On Fire; 1964
Strange Loves
(The "group" on this single is the newly formed Feldman, Goldstein & Gottehrer band, The Strange Loves and the uncredited Angels. Note that the record was released as by the "Strange Loves" as two words without the definite article. Later Strangeloves record releases have no Angels involvement. The "A" side made it to #122 on the pop charts.)

Bang 504
Out In The Sun (Hey-O)/Someday Soon; 1965
The Beach-Nuts
(This is another Feldman, Goldstein, Gottehrer/Angels recording. The "A" side is a parody of Harry Belafonte's "The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)". Later Beach-Nuts singles have no Angels involvement.)

Apt 25080
Treat Him Tender Maureen (Now That Ringo Belongs To You)/Tommy; 1965
Angie And The Chicklets
(This is another of the one off Feldman, Goldstein, Gottehrer/Angels recordings. This release reached #112 on the Cashbox charts.)

Congress 244
Just Keep On Loving Me/Do I?; 1965
The Halos
(The Allbut sisters and Toni Mason landed on the Congress label for about a year.)

Congress 249
Since I Fell For You/You're Never Gonna Find; 1965
The Halos

Congress 253
Baby What You Want Me To Do/Hey Hey Love Me; 1965
The Halos

Congress 262
Come Softly To Me/He's Just Too Much; 1966
The Halos
(All of the Congress label releases fell flat and The Halos went back to live performances for the next year or so, after which, Toni Mason left the group.)

RCA Victor 9129
I Had A Dream I Lost You/What To Do; 1967
The Angels
(The Angels Revert To using The Angels when they are signed to the RCA Victor label.)

RCA Victor 9246
You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart)/Go Out And Play; 1967
The Angels

RCA Victor 9404
You're The Cause Of It/With Love; 1967
The Angels

RCA Victor 9541
The Modley/If I Didn't Love You; 1968
The Angels
( The Modley is a medley of "Moments To Remember, "Theme From A Summer Place" & "One Summer Night".)

RCA Victor 9612
The Boy With The Green Eyes/But For Love; 1968
The Angels

RCA Victor 9681
Merry-Go-Round/So Nice (Samba De Verao); 1968
The Angels
(For their RCA Victor period the Allbut sisters recruited Debbie Swisher [who had sung previously with The Pixies Three] and original Starlets member Bernadette Carroll, both of whom would appear and record with the group as available. The Angels RCA Victor output, while well executed , failed to excite popular interest and The Angels became inactive as a recording unit but continued to perform. Peggy Santiglia rejoined the Allbut sisters in 1969 and played the revival circuit for many years.

Polydor 14222
Poppa's Side Of The Bed/ You're All I Need To Get By; 1974
The Angels
(The Allbut sisters with Peggy Santiglia recorded this single for Polydor label but the record did little to change the fortunes of the group.)
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