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Feedbands Review: Two years in, where are they now?

By on January 28, 2014 in Articles

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Ever since Feedbands acquired the Record Collector’s Guild a lot of people have been writing in to us and asking us just what the heck Feedbands is and what they do. So, hopefully this article will demystify things a bit.

What is Feedbands?

Feedbands is a company that tasks themselves with finding the absolute best independent musicians of our generation and releasing them on vinyl for the first time. Feedbands releases a new record every month and sends it to subscribers.

The deal is great for artists:

  • the artist gets paid cash up front (a 4-figure amount that fluctuates with their subscriber base)
  • the artist gets a stack of records at no cost (typically 100 records) -which they can sell as merch at their shows.
  • the artist keeps all the rights to their music, so they are free to re-press, re-distribute and do absolutely anything they want with their music
  • the artists’ music gets sent to people all over the world who will experience them for the first time on vinyl

Feedbands is powered by subscribers.

The key to Feedbands being able to offer this to artists is an enthusiastic and loyal subscriber base who support independent musicians and trust Feedbands to find an amazing artist each month and send it to them on wax. Subscribers pay about $25 per month including shipping and get the following benefits:

  • Subscribers can choose to receive the month’s new release, or opt for any of the 24 records in their back catalog
  • Subscribers receive a digital download of the music
  • Subscribers receive a hand-numbered jacket
  • Subscribers can return any record they don’t like for a refund.

A company dedicated to releasing the best new independent vinyl.

And so there you have it. On the surface, Feedbands is a company that is truly dedicated to finding the best independent artists out there and helping them get their music on vinyl. But if we dig deeper, we see a picture of a company on a mission that transcends vinyl. The true mission of the company is to support independent artists -artists who need a lot more than a one-time check and a stack of vinyl. They need more people to hear their music. They need to play shows. Feedbands ultimately seeks to help artists in all the various ways they need support, and so they have a number of initiatives that take aim at the spectrum of needs of the artist.

Feedbands Free Streaming Service

Feedbands operates a free streaming service through its website, found at feedbands.com/stream and on it’s iphone app and android app. On Feedbands Streaming you can:

  • listen to all the artists that Feedbands has released on vinyl on a single, commercial-free stream found at feedbands.com/stream/vinyl.
  • you can also select the “new releases” channel to hear all the music submitted to Feedbands from anxious artists eager to get pressed to vinyl
  • you can listen to top rated music, random music, or search by any genre tag, like down-tempo, electronic, bluegrass, funk, etc.

Feedbands House Shows

Feedbands has also thrown DIY house shows since the day they launched, opening up their own homes to all the artists on their service, and to their local communities. These events aren’t typically publicized on the internet for obvious reasons, but they do happen and they are lots and lots of fun. Feedbands does not charge money for these shows, although show-goers are allowed to donate any money they would like to go to the artists.

The future of Feedbands

Feedbands continues to see vinyl, streaming, and concerts in their future. They have no intention of ever raising investment money or growing too large. They just want to keep releasing amazing independent artists on vinyl and play whatever role in music history by being a stepping stone for amazing artists on their way to the top.

A sampling of Feedbands artists released on Vinyl:








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