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Feedbands Review: The Parlez

By on September 20, 2013 in Record Reviews


Band: The Parlez
Album: Glisten
Released: September 2013

At first glance, Glisten by the Parlez is a bit…odd. There’s plenty of weird cover art out there, but for some reason this close up of the faces of two young children was off-putting enough to turn the jacket over (though the clown doll on the other side isn’t a very large improvement.) After reading a bit about the band, the cover art makes a bit more sense: the Parlez is a pair of Irish brothers, and I’m assuming the aforementioned children are theirs. Lovely kids, but extreme close-ups on a foot-long canvas are not a good look for anyway.

Musically, the album is decent. According to the letter from Feedbands, the Parlez cites Blur, Joy Division, and the Beatles among their influences, and I have to say that I can hear that. Some Oasis too, I’d reckon. There’s definitely a quality of late-70s-to-early-90s Brit-Pop, if there is such a thing. What’s strange is hearing that quality in a debut album, and I must admit that this is noticeably a debut album. The musical composition is easy to listen to, but novice. Lyrics can be clever, but aren’t earth-shattering. The sound quality is sub-par, which is unfortunately only amplified on vinyl. A visit to the Parlez’s website provide the information that “every song is played, recorded, and produced by the brothers,” which probably explains the slight tin and fuzz. Still, it’s a good listen. It sounds authentic and somewhat nostalgic, which actually makes it quite as home on vinyl. It could easily be the sort of album you find randomly in a record store grab box or a relative’s attic and then come to

IMG_0415The vinyl itself is gorgeous, a brilliant emerald green, no doubt a tribute to the Parlez’s native Ireland. It looks stunning spinning on the turntable or held up to the light. Very eye-catching. I also noticed the center label which states “parl A” instead of “side A.” I thought it may have been an odd typo for a split second before I got the joke: parl A. Parlez. Got it.


This album is available for purchase in Emerald 180g (seen here), black/orange swirl 180g, and black standard weight in the Feedbands store.

Find out more about the Parlez on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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